My introduction

Hi guys , im Thomas and make a long and intensive path learning trading

indeed. i begin to study trading during 1 year at the side of my univ, then i decided to go to demo account during 6 months and it was just ■■■■■■■ awesome cause i won during 6 consecutives months (that was during september 2019 until march 2020). Was so happy to finally reach the Saint Graal

then i got to begin with real account but was blocked because of coronavirus, got problems to open one for like 6 months. and when i finally opened my new account , i noticed the market conditions changed since then :cry:
its been for 3 month my account was stagnating, then i got an emotional problem in my real life that impacted my trading account and i lost like 15% (so i have actually a 15% drawdown , no profit since 3 months)

I cry every night in my bed, when i wake up : my stomach is pressurised and i am sweating just about thinking of what will happen during the day :cry:

thanks to read me , have a nice trading path ! :cry:

I trade majorly forex/commodities/spx500

starting capital : 5000e

trading horary : dont have horary but most of the time its at the beginning of european session

im happy these types of forum exist, will be glad to learn trading tips from you and maybe bring my help to some of you(if i can :cry: )

Use micro or cent with small investment until you fully control your emotion.

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Hi thanks for the tip!

Hi Thomas, sorry to hear of your troubles. And it would be the wrong mindset to begin trading again - at least live. Maybe a new demo account would give you confidence to start again fresh.

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Hello Thomas. :sob: I’m so sorry to hear about what you’re going through. :frowning: :frowning: But please don’t be too hard on yourself! :cry: The markets have changed in the past few months because I think a lot of things have happened and it’s not your fault! :frowning: I also wouldn’t recommend opening trades while you’re personally going through something that can really impact your emotions. :frowning: I’m still happy that you haven’t given up! :open_mouth: If you have any questions or just need someone to talk to, I’ll be here to cheer for youuu! :blush:

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Hi thinking about it too, thanks for advice.
but I cant, i’ll just wait patiently for next krash of financial indexes ,which will be a very nice jump for what will come next,
and hope that market will return to normal after that for the continuation of my career.

maybe its stubborn to think like that but my strategy was really profitable so i cant just forget about it and take the risk to create an other while market will maybe return to normal(got more than 10% per week with it). Will make the necessary to stay on stagnation or grab some dollars until that evenment.

thanks for the tip and support Ria. feel like i dont have choice except continue, too ashamed about my family who will see me like a loser , my colleagues (including my mentor)who got the habit to see me at my best everyday for months and now i feel like i’m the worst trader :sweat_smile:

Glad to received so much support, God bless you guys and girls!

things are slowly turning better.

already catch 5% since i talked with you. My account balance goes from 4250 to 4500 , thanks to God i grab some points. Im not at my usual perf but thats make me good to see my account growing :grinning:

Don’t let the shame get you man! Shame can make you do things you that you wouldn’t do when life and trading is normal. good luck!

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It is not how much you make in trading but how much effort you put because profits will vary with every passing day. It is the efforts that you put in the market that help you stay in the market for long. Keep up the good work and profits will come consistently.