My introduction

Hi all,

Looking forward to learning the world of forex trading. I have computer science, machine learning and economics background and very excited to find out this forum.


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Hello and welcome to the forex world. You need to have proper knowledge about the trading before investing your money.


Agreed! Thanks for the tip.

Hello @hoyjoygang !!

Don’t forget to check the Education section at Babypips. where you’ll find School of Pipsology It’s a great place to start your educational journey. Also read and watch any article or video you find about trading anywhere.

While doing that you can start trading from a Demo account and only when you’re fully confident you can start trading with real money.

Good Luck & Wish you Success!!

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Hey Nick,

Thanks for the advice! Will make sure to do so.


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That tip will take months if not years to achieve. Be prepared for long hard work, as the odds are against you from the off.

That’s the reality. Best of luck.

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its a most appropriate place for all kinds of traders especially the newcomers . try to be focused in beginner section including trading in a practice account , it will be awesome journey.

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hi all… newbies here

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sounds really good that you willing to learn. learning is important no way to avoid it but in spite of having much learning trading can be useless if there is no regular level of practice.

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An interesting background and prior experience. If you stick it out you should do well applying your previous learnings to the trading world. Good Luck!

I will take a note of it. Thanks Steve.

I did start on the education and already liking it. Thanks Neil!

Hi hi and welcome!

I agree with you. The goal is to have learn as much as I can and see how algorithms applies in practice. Thanks Hadden.

A background in economics will help but you still need to learn and practice. A free course will help you.

Welcome to forex trading. I hope you do well and not end up blowing away your account like many other new traders. Just kidding. You will surely do good if you have learned enough and are well equipped with all the basic knowledge.