My Introduction

Hi fam! Here a newbie in the Trading World and Community.

My name is Alain and I started trading couple weeks ago. I believe that this is a live changer and I definitely want to be part of this. I’m looking to learn the best practices, building good strong habits and acquire the right knowledge for a very successful journey in this world.

Anything exciting you can share or advise, I’m happy to discuss!
Also happy to share my little knowledge as I evolve.

Thanks and happy trading all.

Welcome. Learn how not to lose money, before you earn. Keep risk low - which is the only thing you can control - and protect your capital at all costs. Without money you cannot trade.

best of luck.


Many thanks !

most welcome there and have a very good journey , i hope you will enjoy the friendly environment.

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Thank you!

as a new in this forum have you finished baby pips school which is the main source to ensure all basic knowledge and experience.

Not finished yet, but on my way to!