My Live Trading Performance - Journal & Thoughts

Hi Traders,
I am starting this thread to post my live trading results. This will keep me grounded in my reporting. I don’t trade everyday but am working on getting there. I will try to elaborate each day on setups, justifications, psychology, etc. My intent on this thread is not only for reporting but having fun. So I welcome questions, comments, jokes, flames, or whatever you got.

Here are my results so far since going live. In the future I will post each result per day with any details that might be relevant.

Mon 17 Mar +1.5%
Tue 18 Mar +1.5%
Wed 19 Mar -15.0%
Thur 20 Mar +9.8%
Mon 25 Mar +3.7%
Tue 26 Mar +2.6%
Thur 28 Mar +8.4%
Sun 30 Mar +3.2%
Mon 07 Apr +0.2%
Thur 10 Apr +1.4%
Fri 11 Apr +0.2%
Mon 14 Apr +2.1%
Tue 15 Apr +5.0%

[B]GoodLuck Budd!!
I,ll Keep in touch with you & your journal:)
PipHacker!!!:smiley: [/B]

Today’s performance results:
Wed 16 Apr +1.7%

Today I was able to do three sets of trades.
2 winners
1 loser

Hard market to trade today for me. I had plenty of time to trade today but the poor market conditions left me on the sidelines for most of it.

Almost 2% per day. Good work… you’re certainly not going to get that kind of return from the stock market or any other kind of investments.

I don’t expect to keep getting it from this market either. Yet, I will take it while I can:)

Today’s Performance Results:
Thur 17 Apr +2.0%

Yarcofin must have jinxed it (in a good way).:slight_smile:

Boring day, no big movements to ride. I scalped mostly.

I agree, normally i get like 5 signals, today only 2, TP hit in Long USDCAD and Short on CHFJPY is still open. I think London will be interesting later only thing is i’ll be asleep.

cool glad your getting a good average profit most every day. keep it up.

was wondering what strategy your using.

have fun trading :smiley:

Thank you all for the comments.

To tetorii,
My strategy for the morning is to try to jump on a trend that day if one exists. My strategy for the afternoon is to spot tops and bottoms in ranges if they exist. The first strategy has a good r/r ratio and is posted here

My afternoon strategy is more risky with building positions
as price keeps moving into overbought or oversold areas. I use price action of candles formations, s/r, and ma’s. This strategy has a poor r/r ratio but a great win/loss ratio.

Today’s Performance Results:
Fri 18 Apr 0.0%

I did not trade today. I was not able to trade the morning and being Friday that could be a good thing. The afternoon was to stale to bother. Trading Friday afternoons is hard anyway because I have to time my positions to get out before the close. Let’s see what next week brings.

On a side note: The Dow broke major resistance despite all the crap. I guess reported crap was better than expected crap with a boost from tech climbing out of crap.

Edit: This morning had nice day trends formed on the 15 mins that would have been a good trade on the eur and jpy majors. A nice set of hindsight trades of would of, should of, could of’s.

[B]Hi …
Good That you are getting some very good Pip’s…:wink:
Keep It Up…Your son is very cute…:smiley:
He Must be happy to see his dad getting very good Pip’s :smiley:
PipHacker!!!:smiley: [/B]

Hey, watch it there… I made 20% Friday off of that “crap” :smiley:

Hopefully by the time he is old enough, pulling money out of this market will be such a bore for me that I will have an easy time showing him how to hack a few pips or more.

Great for you Yarcofin!

Nothing wrong with pulling 20% while swimming in the stock crap pool:D

Today’s Performance Results:
Mon 21 Apr +7.8%

Wow, great day for me. I once again was not able to trade the morning. It looked like it was going to be a bore for the Asian but then the usd/jpy made a nice trip south. I put in long orders and built positions. I was able to do these sets of trades three times before it headed up. Looking back at the chart it is hard to believe I was able to fight this bear the whole way down while scalping the retractments.

It looks like I can take another long and this time it will stick. But I am going to leave well enough alone for now. The candles are starting to look more choppy than range bound while the overall big trend is still down. So the smartest thing I can do is close out the day and be happy.

Today’s Performance Results:
Tue 22 Apr +1.1%

Once again no morning trades. Maybe next week I will be available to trade the mornings again. The afternoon was slow with the Hillary/Obama stuff in PA. I caught small movements on the USD/JPY for some nice but small range plays.

I am going to stay away from the euro at this level. I don’t know if the break will rally or if profits will be taken. Once decided I will day trade it some more. It might go into some nice ranges at this level once settled. If it does, that will make me happy to trade those short range trends on the low tf’s.

Today’s Performance Results:
Wed 23 Apr +6.3%

Another great day trading but I am not happy with myself. I broke the rules of my trading again for the second time live. I pulled an all nighter working and was able to trade the London session and NY/London cross. When I trade these sessions I do not make range plays. I only try to define a trend if one exists and jump on. Today I made a range play on a pair I don’t even trade on a session that I don’t often get to trade. I shorted the usd/chf and kept building as it kept moving up. If it wasn’t for one little retracement, I would be in a world of hurt now. That strategy is great but I only do it after 12 est. and the asian. The reason is because that strategy has a bad r/r ratio and on a session like the London or NY you can get blown away. My on hours strategy has a nice r/r ratio with jumping on the trend and close at a small loss if you are wrong. That is the strategy I should have used this morning.

All other trades went just fine today. I am glad that the market forgave me today for being stupid. It is normally not so kind.

So for now on range plays are for off hours and trend plays are for on hours. No exceptions!

[B]Hey Buddy Market forgive’s you but you gain excellent return wooow +6.3%…:eek: …
Well You are also in the list of PipHacker’s Buddie’s…
Have a nice day…

[B]I Think you did the right;) … Remember our fear is our biggest enemy in this business… :rolleyes: … You might have observed that we can easily make money on demo $$$$$$$ coz we dont have any fear but on real result’s are different…I Know most of times i can lock more than +30 Pip’s but my fear overload on my decision & im limited upto just +30 Pip’s/Trade…:mad: Well now im working to overcome on my this fear that’s why im also counting the maximum Pip’s which gone in my favour after my entry…
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Thanks. I added you too. Happy trading. I have already given some pips to the market this morning. Feel free to take some. They’re on me.:slight_smile: