My Live Trading Performance - Journal & Thoughts

Today’s Performance Results:
Thur 24 Apr +1.2%

I gave up some nice pips this morning by getting stopped out twice at the beginning of the London session. Price would swing my way nice then reverse to my sl. I did not trade afterwards until late in the NY session where I did well. I was expecting a negative day but still ended up closing the day out positive. Most likely I will be busy tomorrow and won’t be able to trade.

Today’s Performance Results:
Fri 25 Apr 0.0%

I made two trades on the London session. One trade a winner and gave it back with a charity trade. I closed out the charity trade at breakeven. Looking back now, I guess the charity trade was not very professional of me. The rest of the day I was busy and could not trade. Good weekend to all.

[B]Well Buddy I really appreciate your charity trade;) …
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

I figured I would end the week in a giving mood. Who better to give to than Piphacker:rolleyes:

Wow very nice, good track record! I look forward to reading further. I was thinking of doing somthing similar, probibly going to get a free blog or somptin!

Thanks for the comments. Why not post your results here at Babypips in Forextown? Not only will you have a public journal of your performance, but many could benefit from your journey.

Actually after seeing what you have here I think I will :slight_smile:

I need to do what you did and nail down the rules before I shoot myself in the foot, Thats basically one of the biggest things I’m going to have to get done before I will trade live.

I’ve seen a poster that said “consistency wins wars” and with reguards to forex, I think its espically true.

Today’s Performance Results:
Mon 28 Apr +0.5%

Nothing special going on. Mostly busy and no setups. Just one small trade.

Today’s Performance Results:
Tue 29 Apr +0.8%

No morning trades. Just one small trade in the afternoon. No significant details to report.

[B]Hey Buddy:) …You Didnt seems to me in action today…seems bit busy in Your restaurant business…:slight_smile: …Well Actually Im also Busy these day’s in my other project’s that’s why seem’s bit difficult to give my full concentration to forex…GoodLuck From PipHacker’s Side:D
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Hi Piphacker,
Sorry I have not updated this thread. I am not live trading right now. I have closed my micro account down and opening up a mini account. I just got the application back from IBFX and need to fund it.

Once my funding is complete I will be posting again to this thread. Both of my other businesses are doing well right now and keeping me real busy. If this is some type of economic indicator for the U.S. It may signal a bottom and let the recovery begin. Who knows?

Just an update to any who follow.

I am opening up a mini account for the next test of my forex journey. I chose to open a separate bank account just for trading. So I know I have been out of action for a while. Maybe after the wire time and everything, I will be back in action by next week for live trading and keeping this thread going.

The money is getting more real now because this is no longer pidly micro account money. Lets see if I am ready for this graduation psychology wise.

One thing that has been eating at me is the talk on another forum saying 20% a year is the best to hope for in Forex. Shiiizzts, if my goal was just that, I would just diversify through a bunch of ETF’s and leave this high risk market alone. I expect(hope) to do better than that.

My track record so far is much much better. Yet again, it was just pidly micro money. Well here goes.

[B]Love to see you back in action again Buddy…No Doubt Your Track Record is much batter than that…
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Definitely … and from what I can see those who preservere and learn to do this can reap really large rewards … 20% growth is for the stock market, many people I know say that 20% or better per month is more normal for forex and some seem to make a lot more than that! I would assume that proportionately you make more when account size is smaller, as it grows, so does risk if you keep raising position sizes. For me, once I get my account to around $25k I would assume I could generate enough monthly money from that to live well and maintain the account at that level. Just me, but I would not want to have $100k or $200k or more under management in Forex, trading 10,20,30 lots at a time. Yikes :eek:
But who knows how I might feel about it in a couple of years :smiley: Just hope I never get greedy.

My track record so far is much much better. Yet again, it was just pidly micro money. Well here goes.

Great! Do you have posted anyplace what methods you use? Also with which broker did you have your micro account and did you like them? What sort of returns did you get & how long trading?

I have posted a few of my methods already here on this thread. To keep it simple, I trend the London & morning US, and scalp the afternoon US & Asian retracements.

I am also looking into a swing trading retracement strategy.

I won’t mention my broker because they never did me wrong but I have issues with how small a shop they were and if any order imbalance was ever put in the market. To me, having larger amounts of money with them seemed to be a risk. If I mention them, I could be possibly running down a firm that I have no negative issues with.

My returns are listed in this thread. Pretty much one of the main points of starting it. I hope to keep nice returns in the future too.

[B]Hi Buddy:)
Seems still busy with your other activities. Hammm Seems didnt yet open real with your new broker??? PipHacker Never forget his buddies;) lol Have a nice Time Budd!!!:wink:
PipHacker!!!:slight_smile: [/B]

Hi Piphacker,
I have been real busy with work, my boy’s birthday, my father taking a trip to the hospital, and the holiday.

I finally made the wire transfer today. So I should be back in action soon.

Whooaaa! The wire already went through. I made the wire this morning, went to the restaurant, came back to the office and my account was already funded.

So far I am very happy with IBFX. I made a few trades already and their orders are super fast.

That’s good to hear Mytwopips, I just recently applied for a live account with IBFX.

Today’s Performance Results:
Wed 28 May +0.4%

Well I am finally live again with a mini.