My Manual Trading System

Hello Guys,

I just want to share with you my manual trading system. :smiley:

This is my first post… hehehe! But I have been programming EAs and Indicators for a long time already.

I have lost more than $800 from Commercial EA out there. Now, I am testing this new indicator of mine. So far, I got a range from 40-120pips per day and even there is a day that I got 400pips one trade only.

It so good because it has alert sounds which wakes you up from your deep slumber when there is a trading opportunity. It also alarms again when you need to close the opened position.

I strongly believe that Manual System is always better than Automated Trading which always fail to do what it has promised.

If you want to have it, I can help you setting it up.

I need to use “TeamViewer” to setup it on your PC.

Why cant you just post it?

Pls share.

How about posting the template, the EA, and a PDF of instructions? I imagine some would be reluctant to have a stranger view their computer, anyway.

Hi, I would be interested in your indicators and templates. Please contact me (

Don’t fall for this!! Teamviewer is software that lets him control your computer! If it was legitimate he’d give you the indicator and then you could put it in MT4 yourself.

This guy is trying to steal passwords, credit card numbers, or something else…

yup! Be careful!!!

Phil, I had never even heard of team viewer before this guy’s post, and googled it, and found what you said. Giving this guy the benefit of doubt, I thought he probably couldn’t get much info if you just used a demo account. On the other hand, there’s a lot of scams going on, and I imagine there’s a way for people who are in the business of stealing other people’s money for them to figure a way to view EVERYTHING on your computer without you really knowing it. Unfortunate that people haven’t changed for thousands of years and looking for innocent victims to steal money from. I wonder how people such as this can sleep at night.

It can be much more serious than that. It’s possible for him to install something called a keylogger on your system at the same time he installs the indicator. The keylogger remembers everything you type and sends that information back to him, without you knowing it’s happening. So if you buy something online he gets your credit card number, or if you log in to your bank account he gets your username and password! It effects much more than just your forex account…

I don’t know the original poster, so I’m not saying this is what he’s trying to do. Just saying it’s possible. Plus asking for remote control of someone’s computer to install an indicator is kind of odd. Those two things put together tell me it’s not safe.