My multiple criteria trading journal for 2022

Looks like you’re doing a really good job! well done :slight_smile:

This morning I posted this on Denis’ thread. I hope some others were joining and enjoying the move today :slight_smile:

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Some losses at the start of the week trying to force trades when the market wasn’t moving much. If I was sat in front of the PC, these could have been profitable but whilst at work is always goes wrong. Need to control the need to trade when I know it’s not a good idea.

End of the week a very different story, the breakout that I predicted on the DAX came through and got 2 lovely moves over 2 days and the week ends with 5% profit.

The big question for next week. Is that move a bear trap, or is it the start of an uptrend. I’ll wait for Monday morning and try to catch whichever way we’re moving. The chart looks like a change of direction to me, although a retracement is probably due early next week before moving higher.

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I had the week off work and decided I would try and spend some time on my strategy with a bit more money in the account. I started a new account and transferred what was in the other over so it was about double the size.

Day 1 - Caught a really nice move that peaked at about 18% of the account size. Unfortunately, I ignored my policy of closing good trades before America opens, and it reversed back to chop a lot of that away. Had a few losers trying to get into a big trade, but that’s normal. My winners are much bigger than the losers.

Day 2 - Today. Bit of a strange day. I woke up and the charts told me we’re going down today. It did, had a nice move but it reversed and then sat in a bit of a range with higher lows. Then America opened, carried on moving slowly up and then suddenly the sell button got pressed. That was a nice win, but it was a short move. Lost a little at the end with the retracement and closed before picking the kids up.

2 positive days, and could have been a lot more positive had I timed my exits better. I want to let the winners run, but I need to learn when the market is going to retrace and get out before. Account is up 6% and I will be withdrawing every 20% until all my money is back and then see what I can do with whatever is left.

It’s a holiday the next 2 days in the UK, so not sure what that means for the DAX. I might be leaving it alone for the week.

At the end of last week, I decided the DAX was too choppy day to day to get good returns so I switched to some trending markets in the Forex markets. Very happy that I did. Took the CADJPY long and had several days of big moves. As my win got bigger, I was adding to the trade size and eventually came out with a very large win about 80% of the account starting size I think.

Also had some good results from AUDUSD short and GER40 short after I got out of the CAD trade.

Mostly happy today that when price went against me, I’d been getting out and taking the loss only to see an hour or two later that I’d have had a big win by staying in. Today I sat calmly watching the drawdown increase happy that they were definitely downward moves and I just needed America to open for the move to continue, and it happened to have a nice win rather than loss.

Account has increased 97% in 10 days since opening. I highly doubt it will continue anywhere near this way, but I can now withdraw my cash and trade with the profits. If I could do just 20% of what I did this week consistently, then I could quit my real job. But the markets are rarely this trendy.

As for next week, looks like short on stocks and USD strength will continue. For CADJPY I think a retracement down to 103 or 102 looks on before it pushes new highs in a few weeks.

I set this account up on myfxbook if anybody wants to track it. I won’t be showing anything in monetary terms, I’m not here to boast about money or feel small because people have more. Spreadbetting Forex Trading System by Forex Trader chesterjohn

The second week was going very well until I think the Friday when I was really busy at work and the markets went against me. Annoyingly, by the end of the day they had gone back to where I would have made a slight profit, but I couldn’t know that so got out before the loss was too big. It was big enough already!

This week has a profit of about 13%. Not spectacular, again could have been better, but 13% on that account is more than I get paid for my job, so happy enough with that. I was in a cave yesterday so didn’t place any trades, but the market followed the pattern I often see of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday go in the direction the market is moving with Wednesday and Friday as retracement days. I would have been long DAX if I did anything, and would have had a nice return, but thought the risk was too big with me being in a cave and not able to check with my dislike of stop losses.

Markets appear to be shifting, JPY is strong so the long term trends are off. Will this be a retracement or a shift, we’re certainly risk off, but the yen hasn’t cared about that the last month or so.