My name is Louis

Hi , my name is Louis and I really want to learn how to trade forex in order to live a life of financial freedom and to never depend on anyone ever again

good idea, i was thinking same around 10 years ago, make sure you get good understanding about basic of this market and than you start developing your strategy and back test for good amount of time

The average time a new trader takes to become consistently profitable, after treating FX as a dedicated full-time business venture is around 5-6 years of constant learning how everything ticks.

Unfortunately it is never a get rich quick scheme, and that’s why most blow out. I’m two years in and am just moving to the profitable break-even level, although not yet consistent enough to even consider financial freedom - which, ironically, is having no money, and no dependence on anyone else, to worry about.

Newbies just don’t understand the reality of FX trading life, so enjoy your time playing at games here while your account lasts.

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to become financial free from this trading place of course possible but first of all you have to make sure all inevitable parts of trading.

Hi. Welcome to Babypips. There is a possibility that you can achieve financial freedom by trading forex. However, reaching that level is a long process. Start only if you’re ready to commit to the cause. Good luck:)

Welcome Louis. Yes, if you can deal with the Forex market accordingly, you should be able to earn a very decent amount of money by trading. Please keep in mind that you are to be very patient and work extremely hard towards it.