My name is Rob

Hi everyone,
My name is Rob. I am a teacher from the US. I like classical music, teaching, theatre and writing. I don’t know a lot about FOREX but I am here to learn. I am wondering if any of you know how to use algorithmic robots and how to use two programs that I have found, one is Arena and the other is Exeria. I really could use someone’s help with this. Also, I look at these candle chart and it is really Greek to me, can anyone explain those to me.

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Ok, thanks so much, I have open up an account I am going to try.

Hi and welcome!

Hello Rob, welcome to our forex community! I suggest you get started with the forex basics in our School of Pipsology before using any signal services. And if you need any help with candlesticks, this cheat sheet might come in handy: Japanese Candlesticks Cheat Sheet