My name is Sami

I’ve always been interested in forex trading and finally today is the day I decided to start learning everything about it and especially day trading and making daily income.

I’m excited to finally take this seriously and excited for the the journey🥳

Just focus on learning as FX trading is simple but not easy. Let any rewards take care of themselves.

There is no guarantee of ANY income, but plenty of guarantees for expenditure on this profit and loss zero sum venture. There is no short cut.

Tip: when trading FX live, keep a ccol, calm, and collected mindset, never excited. Detachment is key.

learning is important , there is no way to ignore but besides this it is more appropriate to make sure regular practice session.

Hello Sami , nice to meet you . have a very good journey from there.

hi and welcome

i hope you already got the answer , by the way most welcome to this forum.