My name is Shree

Hello everyone… My name is Shree… About 1 year in trading… But still can’t make my own entry in trading because before this I was following other traders signal and no knowledge on how they trade and why they trade… Now I join this babypips to learn on how to trade myself without depending on others signal… Hopefully this can help me in my journey

Hi Shree, welcome to Babypips!

That’s a brave first step. Learning how to trade yourself opens a world of possibilities. Try the online course at BabyPips and feel free to ask any questions if anything confuses you.

best regards, Dims

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Sure will try the online course… Thanks darthdimsky

Welcome Shree! It’s really important that you know how to trade on your own and not just copy-trading. Good luck! I hope all goes well for you.

Thank you baemax023

Hello, you should start learning and reading about Forex to enable you to understand the basics and the concepts of it. This will give you a basic idea about Forex and help you prepare for your journey as a trader. All the best