My name says it all

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any software that I can use on a MAC for both FOREX trading as well as automation.

  2. Is there are trade shows or conventions on this?

  3. How can I get a good track record of a “FOREX” expert.

  4. I want to open an account and get started, however is there a way to hire someone to do it for me, and how do I know if they are the one to make us both money or just take me on a ride.

  5. Are their any FOREX trading groups in Las Vegas? If not, is there a way to set up special groups across the country to meet sometime?

  6. Is there a matrix out there that compares different FOREX software with a track record and other example trading techniques?

Hope this is ok to post.

Personally, I won’t answer your questions in any detail, but I will say that you will find everything you need to learn here and if you havn’t gone through the school yet, I (and seasoned players here) will suggest you do to.

As far as groups and things like that. You will find plenty of those crappy expos in your area (as I do here) that promise you all kinds of junk, but it won’t do you any good - but blow your cash.

Take your time and go through the material and just slow down, you should do fine :slight_smile:

Oh, and yous should also seriously consider picking a different username as well…you are not “uneducated” so to speak, you are just “not in the know” at the moment, but if you read all you can in here, you will soon be “educated enough”

thank you, but I am uneducated in this realm. I do have a degree in ISM, eCommerce and Econ from a USF (SF). But I am at the bottom of the food chain this area.


Hi Uneducated!

It sounds like you are at the beginning of your forex trading career? Luckily you are at one of the best places to start. You will need to do a lot of reading still and your idea to create a group / team of people to trade with is an excellent one.

The best place to learn is from the forums and you will quickly learn how to sort the crap from the not so crap and who the guys are who can be trusted.

Search for “forex forums” on Google and read and search in them. Use the search function inside the forum to find specific answers. Most of your questions have allready been answerred to a large extend by some post in some forum, you just need to find it. And you will learn a heck of a lot of stuff on the way.

The forums are also the best place to meet people who may be in your area that you can then team up with for trading groups.

I hope this helps?