My new FreeFX trading video/ Beginner Series: 'Make a Trading Plan!'

Hello peeps!

I made this new video in response to a suggestion by forum user

EddieB, and I hope that it will be helpful to new/beginner users:

There are six questions asked, which I have listed in the video description

and for which I have provided timings (if you want to skip to the question

that you are more interested in).

This video does not cover making a plan in the sense of entries/exits or

using indicators, but rather covers all the questions that one should ask

oneself BEFORE designing a strategy…

I hope it is useful, and I look forward to comments.


Happy Trading.

Sorry, I am just bumping this up to make sure it stays visible a little while longer (on page 1) :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!

Thank you, Oliver!

PS: I make no money out of this, it is just nice to give something

back to the community !

Keep 'em coming

Just bumping this up for the new members to find easily

Thank you!!!