My Price Action Trading Strategy

all depends on the person. all different kinds of ways to trade. for me, if i swing something over night its never full position

Couple more this eveing.

My sell order never activated since I was a little late getting the order in. Thank goodness. But now have set up a buy order.


watch The Dollar, its right near 94, could get a bounce from there since its pretty decent support
i love AUDUSD and NZDUSD too, you know how much it costs for 1 lot of each w my broker? about $170 lol. USDCAD is $200… they’re al cheap when leverage is 500 tho haha. its hard to bear GBPJPY range though. easily can do 100 pips in a day

im also waiting for the new M1X Mini to be available for pre order. gonna have to set things up on there since itll be my main trading rig. it’ll be my first Mac

One more for the evening, took a trade on this pair earlier this week.


AUDUSD also coming up to Resistance at .74
EURCAD bounced up a little earlier, missed it tho lol

I’m probably done posting trades for the week. Been a good week. Only have one position open that’s not protected. The others have either stopped out in profit or still running with profit locked in. Also had a couple loses as well. But been a very nice week. I’ll still do the round up post once my final positions close.

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nice work brother! GJ is still going lol. such a beast

Lol at all of these pairs against JPY

hahaha, eurjpy is flyin !

yep everything is against JPY

Yea, would not have been a good week to short any of the pairs with the yen for sure. I’ll get the weekly roundup post done and the journal this evening.

Also if anyone is maybe new to the thread or just looking it over. I would recommend reading the first post of the thread so you’ll have an idea of how I trade. Very simple nothing special or groundbreaking lol.


i mainly just trade support/res levels. i use MA’s and RSI. just keep it simple

I don’t even know how to thank all the guys here that have commented on way or the other, most especially @Alg626…I have been blessed and learned alot through your strategies, advices and tips.
I stumbled upon this thread last three days and I have read and gone through all images and text.

I just want to tell you guys to keep up the good work💪


Thanks. Just keep at it and don’t give up. Time and experience is what’s needed along with some ability to learn and adapt. Ask any questions you have, even if its past charts or anything.

Also I will say I don’t consider myself a pro at this by any means and will be wrong at times. I do try and be as transparent as I can when I post charts, so we all can go along for the ride lol.

Just found this thread 2-3 days ago too, I haven’t been on this forum for a while but I’ll be back to checking it every day. I went through the courses here months ago and liked them a lot (besides the corny jokes sometimes)

Hey @Alg626 do you use demand & supply zones to draw your support and resistance?

I assume you mean 43 pairs. Do you base this on something like margin requirements, or do you just avoid certain currencies altogether?

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Goodness, yea I meant 43 pairs. I don’t always trade each pair, just when a setup comes along. But I do go through the charts on 48 different instruments. The other 5 are USOIL, AUUSD, AGUSD, AUEUR, AUAUS.

I don’t avoid any particular currency, FTMO allows me to trade 44 pairs and I trade 43 of them. I don’t trade the USDILS.

I don’t come close to minimum margin requirements lol. Never been margin called. When I open trades with my lot size, I know what the lost would be before I open the trade. Even if all my trades hit my SL I’m still under the daily lost limit.

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