My Price Action Trading Strategy

I do as well. Yea, was funny when I saw things he didn’t teach in the thread on the website. I figured then he moved on.

I used to email him, but it went unanswered lol. Looks like the site has been sold, I think we have to fix it ourselves.

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I still read through the thread here on babypips.

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That’s exactly it. You can give this strategy to 100 different people and chances are 95% of them will still lose money with it. Same goes for any strategy out there.


I agree 100% . I have two different strategies both did well for me. But for various reasons some people just can’t pull it together even if they were spoon fed.


I would say the most difficult part for me. Wasn’t finding a good strategy or an easier simple strategy but the psychological part behind it once you’re in a trade and managing a trade.

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Thanks, and yes feel free to throw up some charts and let’s share idea’s. Or feel free to comment on mine as well and ask a question or two.

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I’m glad I was wrong on this one for you. Lol.
Looks like you should be in some profit. Move that stop to break even and let it ride.

I wasn’t in a trade was looking for it to break support before entering. But glad you got some pips.

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I noticed that, I only fit the D1 frame S/R level approach. Approach from your h4 strategy it doesn’t work for me. But anyway you and I both have some profitable trades from the same J.F. price action strategy. I’m happy for this, my friend!

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Here is the XAGUSD, D1 pair: After the price breaks out and comes back to the test, I will execute a sell order, because at h4 I spot a pinbar.

However, right at H4, I detected a nearby S/R level (see h4 detected). At this point in my head I was suspecting that my “selling” was wrong. How do you think? @Alg626

I agree with this! knowing too many strategies, after 3 losing trades, I doubted its effectiveness and changed to another strategy like a monkey. I taught myself everything and found all kinds of strategies but I still burned my account. Until I decided to stick with a strategy for 6 months and all of a sudden, right after the first week of persistence I got a small victory. Stay disciplined, manage your capital and have a fixed strategy maintained.

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XAGUSD - Daily


Seems price has closed below the $25.50 mark and broken that zone. I would now wait for a good confirmation candle then enter and have TP at $25.00.

The only reason I would wait is it seems to be in consolidation, and usually around 70-75% it continues the same direction after consolidation. Just something to look out for. I wouldn’t be in the trade right now til maybe a break out then a retest. Or a good strong price action confirmation candle.

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Thanks for your sharing!!!

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Hope everyone had a good weekend.

A trade I have open to start the week. Using a 2 bar reversal.

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Good Morning…

an update to my GBPCAD trade.

Here I’m sharing some thoughts on how I see and where I would be looking to enter a trade.
Even if it gets to these areas I also need a good confirmation candle as well. Even then you never know what the markets are going to do but we want to look for good setups with a high probability

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well.













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Update on my trade from yesterday.
I used another TP strategy for this one. Have locked in 80 pips of profit, SL is sitting at my TP1.
120 pips is target.
TP1 : 40 pips
TP2 : 80 pips
FTP : 120 pips
I have been stopped out of this trade.

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Weekly Results : W-L : Pips
Week of 7/11/21 : 9-4 : 375.4
Week of 7/18/21 : 5-2 : 240.9
Week of 7/25/21 : 7-5 : 191.63
Week of 8/1/21 : 1-0 : 80 (Just Starting)

Totals : 22-11 : 887.93

EURCAD has a nice pin bar for a sell.

I have been doing something similar the last couple of weeks that has been working well.

I’m opening 3 trades with overall risk of 1% of my account. An example using $100:

First trade risk $33.50 TP $50.
Second trade same as the first.
Third trade same except with an open TP.

This way when I hit my TP on the first 2 trades my RR is guaranteed 1:1. I let the 3rd trade ride out, it’s all gravy.