My Random signals

polkadot - take profit 20.055
ripple - take profit 0.6441

we will take profit with polkadot

and then just continue to hold ripple until take profit ripple - take profit 0.6441

currently up 18 pips on ripple buy

take profit ripple + 6 pips

sell gbp aud take profit 1.8744
sell gbp nzd take profit 2.00451

eurgbp - buy take profit 0.84559

cut gbp aud sell and gbp nzd sell
just focusing on eurgbp buy

eurgbp buy going well, we will do a new take profit zone 0.84168
aiming for 60 pips

gbp aud sell -12 pips
gbpnzd sell - 26pips
eurgbp buy + 61 pips
= +23 pips profit

todays trades
gbp jpy - buy
gbp chf - buy
aud usd - buy

gbp jpy take profit 155.315
gbp chf take profit 1.24463
aud usd take profit 0.72385

gbp usd - buy take profit 1.36248
aud chf - buy take profit 0.66063
cad jpy - buy take profit 91.347

the main 2 i’m focusing on is cad jpy buy and gbp usd buy
both of these should score big today

gbp usd buy take profit 1.36248
cad jpy buy take profit 91.347

i’m quite confident my aud usd buy will hit its target of take profit 0.7191
that will snag me 50 pips
so i had an extra dabble on aud usd buy because it looks ready to pop
could get a runner bullish it is

gbp chf buy take profit 1.24458

up 40 pips on gbp chf buy new take profit zone 1.24262
70 pips

gbp chf done well :slight_smile:

todays signals
gbp jpy - buy
nzd cad - sell
eur chf - buy
eur jpy - buy
aud chf - buy
usd jpy - buy

Im quite happy about how the trades are going atm so no changes need be made here are the tp zones

gbp jpy - buy take profit 154.226
nzd cad - sell take profit 0.84086
eur chf - buy take profit 1.04
eur jpy - buy take profit 129.321
aud chf - buy take profit 0.66032
usd jpy - buy take profit 114.207

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what a very profitable day :slight_smile:


gbp jpy - buy +40.2 pips
nzd cad - sell +33 pips
eur chf - buy - 1.9 pips
eur jpy - buy +14 pips
aud chf - buy +28 pips
usd jpy - buy +34 pips

eur nzd - buy take profit 1.70092

take profit hit 49 pips

mondays trades, the kiwi looks to continue a downward spiral, it creates two opportunities for monday

aud nzd - buy
nzd jpy - sell

will post take profit zones on monday

aud nzd buy take profit 1.07089
nzd jpy sell take profit 75.091