My self and whybi entered forex

I enter forex because of money

Well then, I hope you have a lot, because you will suffer losses. FX trading is not one-way traffic. If, on the other hand you are willing to understand reality, not social media marketing hype, you’ll focus on learning and practising on a demo account for a few months There is no short cut to success…

Best of luck.

Well. Yes you can make good money in forex but always remember forex is not a quick way of becoming rich and most of the newbies wants to be rich quickly. It is very risky if you have no proper knowledge and skills. So before start focus on learning it would be helpful.

money from trading is possible but of course before that you have to make sure all inevitable parts of trading.

first of all you have acquire most powerful analyzing trade knowledge and experience , then you can .

this is a very common reason why traders join this marketplace. but almost 90% of traders become losers from there. so worked hard with no excuse.

Who is not the same purpose :rofl: :rofl:

this is a very fine line " there is no short cut way of success ; even not in a real life. life Line message

make sure first of all good trading knowledge including a perfect money management . then focus on making money. i hope you will get the answer.

making money from Forex is really a challenging issue , knowledge is important but besides this a reliable support from a credible broker is more important.