My semi-mechanic system - % trailing stop + reverse candlestick + EMA

My system is quite simple, but robust and effective. Screenshort below:
GBP/USD 4H chart

the upper figure is EMA(10,20,30,50), with 30, 50 highlighted
the middle figure is 1% trailing stop line,
the lower figure is reverse chart of the upper chart( i.e. flip the normal chart upside down), which I call it reverse candlestick, such that it removes the “long bias” that most investors have.

The % trailing stop is the most effective and robust indicators I have seen, after studying various technical indicators. It is theoretically sound. When the price is above the TSP, hold long, when below, hold short. Some filters are necessary: when price drops below TSP, it must remain below it for 3 consecutive days to be effective.

Thank u for this strategy. Where can i download TST indicator?