My stats! What should I do next? Should I invest real money?

Hello dear traders,

I have been involved in forex since the beginning of 2013. I have finished babypips school, read tons of books, watched hundreds of videos and I really learned a lot. I have finally managed to stay profitable for 3 months, but I don’t know what to do next. I’m not sure am I good or not. Should I continue learning and trading DEMO account or…? I was thinking about investing some small amount of money just to get a feeling of real trading.Here are my demo account stats:

Time to get the real feeling of losing money, learning to lose in many ways is the only path to greatness.

Increase leverage. You are risking too little for your deposit.

Why do you think that? I don’t want to risk too much! I made almost 30% of the investment in last 3 months. That’s 10% monthly…isn’t that enough? :slight_smile:

The USDCAD trade has a ~35 pip stop loss and at 0.1 lots, is more-or-less $35 absolute risk. Therefore $35 is 0.8% of a $3,900 balance.

You have a 14% drawdown so I’m of the opinion your risk is fine, even with your win ratio of 61%. But that’s just basing off the numbers I see.

I like to be the bearer of bad news: You have not made anything. You have not executed one single trade. Those stats, should you actually decide to trade, are meaningless. When you open a real account, make a real deposit and actually start trading then you will be able to gauge your own trading ability after x-amount of time.

There’s nothing wrong with going live with a small account. Key word: small. :slight_smile: If you’re happy with your performance, then you can add more to your risk capital.

That’s exactly what I’m asking! My trading looks fine but I don’t have the “that feeling”… :slight_smile:

I will suggest what I suggest to all new traders: Open a mini-account, fund it with anywhere between $200 and $500 and trade 0.01 lots until you achieve consistent returns for at least six months. The make a real deposit.

I think you wasted too much time with a Demo account. A Demo account can only help you learn how to use the options available on the platform. When you start trading live, then you will have “That feeling”. Yes, “The real Feeling”.

Thanks guys! I wanted to hear that…I’m tired od DEMO trading…it’s boring :slight_smile: