My style of trading

There’s something you’re not telling us. This is what the monthly 200 SMA looks like on EURUSD:

Am I missing something?

Perhaps you’re looking at a full month rather than the monthly chart. This would make more sense:

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Actually, I’m assuming its a daily SMA, with entry at the open of each month.

But I struggle to see an attractive r:r for a strategy like that in forex.


His OP says 200 sma :man_shrugging:

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Yes, but as eccentric as this thread is I can’t believe he’s using a monthly 200SMA. But some more detail would be great.

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It is a well established fact that merely taking signals off of an MA without a filter, on any timeframe, does not result in profits. That’s why I was attempting to get some clarification regarding the strategy details, to determine whether I’ve missed something. What we have received in terms of responses from the OP thus far is sparse and vague. Given the assumptions that I have made in my previous posts in this thread, I do not believe that this strategy will work.

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like others mentioned on the thread, its that simple but on the original post you never even mentioned what you trading

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C’mon guys, don’t overthink this. it is that simple. I’m repeating myself here but like i said in my previous posts, i use a monthly chart following the sma line. For example , this year i’m trading gbp/usd and the price have been moving below the sma. So i keep selling every month, entry on the start of the month, and exit at the end. And repeat. So far i’ve 40 pips on january, 300+ on feb, 400 on march, i lost 200 on april and currently green this month. Anyway, it works for me, and i’m here to share but if you disagree with it , it’s fine don’t worry about it. I’m a farmer and just sharing to talk to people because im bored talking to the vegetables during this pandemic business haha. Happy trading everyone


How did you make a profit in January, February and March? All three months started above the 200SMA so should have been long positions, yet all 3 months ended lower.

Not only that, March had a drawdown of 1,366 pips at its lowest point.

Like I said, some more detail would be great, we’re just not getting the whole picture.

That’s impossible bro, mine is below the sma. I assume we’re using the same mt4 here. And yes that’s about it, giving more detail is still repeating so that’s all i got.

Thanks, I have all the detail needed for a decision. Good luck.

I make you right hairyfx, you are not going mad !

IG platform got GBP/USD and EUR/USD
both below 200SMA monthly.

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Thanks mate, slowly getting mad though with the pandemic still going on hahaha

Yeah this pandemic is getting to us all.

I don’t mean to be rude but tommor had me checking - I had visions of this crazy farmer in the outback making his living at 10 dollar a pip with his computer upside down :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I live in jeju island, south korea. Strangely enough, i do sometimes sit with my laptop upside down.:sweat_smile:

I find this strategy intriguing. You must not look at the charts much, or at all throughout the month, because in March you could have done 1200 pips easy, as it retraced by about 70%. And at $10/pip you must see some large draw downs on your account (again, IF you even look at it).

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Yeah, i do get large drawdowns as oppose to gaining profits. And i only look at the charts on the start and at the end of the month, but i am doing alright. Strict money management is key here, something that has helped me in my trading. When i first started this i lost around 20k but i made 55k the next year. So yeah, that kind of drawdown is what traders want to avoid and give advice to others about how unprofitable it is in the long run. But, like other businesses and even jobs for that matter, everything has risks. For me it works, i know its not for everyone and for some it seems not profitable but to each their own. I’m just happy to share my experience😊


Hey, If it ain’t broke…

When you say money management, do you use any kind of stop loss?

I am going to look at doing this with a couple pairs starting in June, but I will be including my own TA for my own peace of mind. Also, I will likely be using micro lots for position sizing.

Nope, no stoploss. Just managing how much i use for expense and rolling capital. I try to maintain 100k capital in my account. That’s the desired amount anyways. For example, i earn 1000 dollar this month, i’ll use 500 for expense and the rest stay in the account

In general, I can’t call my style specifically my own. I often look at how professionals trade, and take something from their strategies. In addition, I often change my strategy in the process of changing circumstances.

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I guess my style refers to my personality embedded in my approach. Some people trade aggresively while others take a more conservative route. For me, i’m consevative in a sense i can’t have too many indicators or even when using price action for that matter. I feel less burdened trading objectively this way.