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Walaikumsalam warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

Good morning world, how are you today, I see the sun still shy to show his face, cloudy above the sky, there us fog on the horizon.

Back again to ,my trading journal with FXOpen. Here I will share anything as I know about trading, from experience and learn trade.

I am still focus on Gold, yesterday I have one buy order in this metal commodity, however the price now I see dropped, maybe because Credit Suisse trying to help financial bank collapse calmed fears in financial market, Gold depcreciated to 1942 as previous hit high 2009. Gold probably still good for long term amids financial system problem.

Good morning world, how are you today, entering Ramadhan, all Muslims do fasting, and happy Ramadhan Kareem for all Muslims.

Come back to my trading journal again in the babypips forum.

Forex trading is a risky profession, it is possible to make a hundred percent profit in a few months and get a margin call in only a few hours. Money management and risk management actually important but not all traders like this.

Trading with big capital is indeed different compared to using small capital because with using the smallest lot size of 0.01 the power of margin level is strongest than using small capital.

Now my account dragged in the floating loss on gold, the price movement is very dynamic, and sometimes I make a mistake chasing the price because of fear of missing out, this still becomes a big problem in my habit. Just follow the rumored gold will be a good safe haven amid bank collapse then buy gold where the price is already at the peak.

Hello world, how are you today, the second day of Ramadhan, happy fasting to all Muslims.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen, here I want to write again a little note in the trading journal.

Mistakes are a common thing in life, in addition in forex trading, amid uncertain market conditions, the mistake could happen again and lead to losing trades.

Now I have an active order still on gold and I see the loss floating, The mistake is I take the price when on the peak, and then the price dragged into loss floating.

Before making entries I get the news a rumor that gold is a safe haven amid bank problems, however, the Fed again hiked the interest rate to 25 bp, but I see gold drawing to rise and near to my entries again.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the sun lighting the earth around my place, with no cloud above the sky.

Back to my trading journal again here, write anything about trading activity. I try to monitor some pairs like XAUUSD, and XTIUSD, I see the gold price drop again yesterday while the Oil price rallied and formed bullish candles, this makes a wonder why the gold price was down and the oil price rise, it was like a negative correlation between the two, I read analyst says about fears band eased make oil price rally, while this not good for gold maybe because confidence to bank increase and less good for gold.

However, I think not always it is become the right answer because in fact there are so many factors inside of market change.

Today I try to put the pending order sell limit on EURJPY, My reason is that yesterday’s price formed a bullish candle and already touches the resistance line MA 50.

Hello world, today come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Yesterday I trade on EURJPY, this pair hit my pending order, unfortunately, stop loss also hit and my risk plan already finish.

Look on the chart, EURJPY breaks the upper band line and increases volatility in the M15 and H1, and buyer sentiment seems to dominate the market, It tries to put a buy limit just try to follow the flow.

The buy limit at 142.225 and the stop loss is 142.125, it is a tight stop loss.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun still shy to shows his face, the sky cloudy around my place.

Come back again to my trading journal, here I just want to write anything about the trading activity with FXOpen broker.

Profit and loss is always occurs in forex trading transaction, there is no perfect analysis able to predict exactly what the price will be ahead.

Today open the chart MT4 terminal platform FXOpen, yesterday I put the order on EURJPY and eventually hit taking a profit. I only set a small tp yesterday as many mistakes if setting too large a target, this could be a learning process in trading, although EURJPY is strongly bullish but should accept the small profit as the target.

I am not yet making a new bet now although EURJPY in M15 is already a near the lower band.

Hello world, come back again to my trading journal.

Trading forex is fun, although the risk involved in trading and not yet becoming successful traders like others, however in the day market, always open the MT4 trading platform and monitor the chart.

If we read the chart in pairs, the price is always up and down and records price histories, when we analyze the flashback market in histories, seems making a profit is easy, we just pointed the mouse here, put the order here, and set the target here. However when we face real conditions, it is a different situation, there is a doubt to decided what the trend will be, however, if we already have a strategy in our plan, it is not a big matter, we can place an order when our signal confirmed out from profit and loss will be obtained.

Today my eye sees on the Gold price, I see gold price still traded in the range, and I have floating order since 20 March till now still not yet hit stop loss or above profit level.]

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun rising high and lighting the earth, hot today around my place.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, just like as always, here I just write anything about the trading activity with FXOpen broker.

Now already April has come, the FXOpen forum held a new contest to continue the previous contest with the theme " Catch ZERO Spreads Contest - Season 7" the contest is pretty simple, the participant just need to open TickTrader account and take screenshot zeros spread in the platform.

Back to the market, yesterday I have a position on oil price and gold, Gold order already floating in several days eventually hit the target profit and closed by the market, while the oil order hit stop loss because the oil price still rising and consolidating in the trading range, my prediction is wrong.

I see on the H1 timeframe gold price is in a sideways market and has not yet opened any trades now.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun still shye to show his face around my place, the fog scatered above the sky.

Come back to my trading journal.

Yesterday I am not yet open any trades, and I see gold price movement still having tendencies to bullish, but still dount to open trades on gold because the price already in high.

Today I move to EURJPY, just trying to open pending order sell limit 143.044 and sto ploss 143.235 target profit 142.723.

Hello, world, today the sun rises above the horizon, crowding people on the road going to work.

Come back to my trading journal with FXOpen today. On this Monday open, no gap occurs I see in the chart, my eye comes to GBPUSD on the M5 timeframe now, and I see the price already breaks the upper band line, I just think the price breakout will bring the price rise up higher. I open buy with tight stop loss. However, the dynamic market lead me to the wrong prediction, accept the loss because the price eventually declined and reached a lower band line.

Hello world, how are you today, still in Ramadhan near the end of month.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen.

I see today’s crypto pair BTCUSD move higher and already reach a 30k level price, three days raws the king of crypto rising high and broke the 28k level price to draw a new high. RSI already shows an overbought zone level now but seems the price still rising.

While in the H1 timeframe, BTCUSD moves in the trading range between 29976 and 30537. I am not open trades in this pair, while the gold price also formed a bullish candle yesterday, I try to set a pending buy limit and hit a stop loss, because the dynamic market on gold is high volatile.
Now try again set pending order on gold.

Hello world, how are you today, the sun seems still shy to show its face.

Come back to my trading journal here to leave the track in a trading journey with FXOpen broker.

Yesterday I put a pending order buy limit on gold not hit and eventually, I cancel the order. In yesterday’s market, Gold price moved higher and hit a new high of 2028.25 after CPI data has been released, CPI is important inflation data in the US, and besides the effect on gold, another pair also has higher volatile after the news, like EURUSD, GBPUSD, including oil price. However, the gold rise then rebounded and formed a low in 2001 one hour after the news.

Gold price now tries to rise again and already move above the middle band line, the resistance target is roughly 2021 near the upper band line.

Hello world, still in Ramadhan Kareem, amid ten days end of Ramadhan, wish all health and get a blessing from God.

Back to my trading journal.

Gold prices eventually continue to rise and formed a new high of 2048.50 and retrace to a low 2039 level price now. Yesterday I tries to use instant market orders on gold and set a tight stop loss. However, the trading ended with a hit-stop loss. Here I make some notes for traders who trade on gold. This is highly volatile pair, it is better to set pending order to adjust the risk rather than chase the price by use a market order.

Gold price not always moving uptrend, if a downtrend occurs can large wave occurs, stop loss is very essential to protect accounts from big losses in single trade. Trading gold is better for the short term and has an average target, if already reached the target stop trade and hold hand to open new entries although the market seems very easy to predict. When facing successive losses, stop trading too because the next decision is usually based on revenge.

Hello world, today hot around my place, the Sun lighting the earth clearly, no rain for several days long.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Today my internet connection speed is slow, Visit the forum quite longer time to load.

Open MT4 terminal, now I see gold price already dropped near 2002 after hit the highest 2048 last week, it is higher volatility contains the risk. If we think gold prices always rise and rush making entries, dragged-on gold will give big loss because this pair has a high movement of more than thousands of pips.

However, trading with high volatile trading pairs is also very interesting, because when obtaining profit will quickly hit. Today I just think time to buy on gold

Hello world, how are you today, the sun already lighting the earth and still amid Ramadhan Kareem for all muslims in the world.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Oil price yesterday rise high to 84.53 level price, despite the oil price dropping again to the low of Preformatted text80.69 only a day market. Meanwhile, the gold price also formed bearish candles with long wicks or top and bottom candles.

Yesterday I tries to open to buy gold but eventually hit stop loss because the gold dropped and formed a bearish candle. Here I take note if trading on gold, I recommend to not chasing the price, because high volatility on gold could lead to loss especially if using a tight stop loss.

Trading on gold does not suit for account balance with small capital, but it is good for trading capital of at least $500, it becomes an interesting asset to making money from the high volatility of the gold market.

Today I tries to bet again on gold and because I use small balance now setup stop loss only less than 2% from account. I tries open buy because in M5 I see gold price break high and I think the price will move higher today.

Hello world, the sun alteady above horizon, the light pretty hot today around my place, still amid Ramadhan Kareem in the last few days left.

Come back again to my trading journal, here I just write anything about trading in the forex market.

Oil prices were steady to move near the 80 level prices, meanwhile, Gold eventually tries to wake up and landed near 2006 after dropping to 1992 on 14 April. BTCUSD price also rise again and landed at the 30k level price.

Yesterday’s position order on gold hit a stop loss despite the price eventually rising to reach a target, high volatile market has a risk in trading gold. However without risk management also too much risk due oil price’s very large movement average.

Today still hold my hand from opening new trades.

Hello world, happy Eid for all Muslimes in the world who today celebrating after a month fasting in Ramadhan.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Despite celebrating Eid, but forex market remains open. Take a look at Gold, the price is now moving near 1983 and declined on Friday market, while Oil price also decline in last Friday.

Monday market, there are traders who prefer to wait and see, and now by looking at gold prices on an hourly timeframe, I have not yet opened any trades.

Hello world, today is Tuesday, the second day market forex open.

Back to my trading journal with FXOPen. Yesterday trading still faced loss, order buy BTCISD hitted stop loss because the price still move on trading range and my stop loss is tight.

BTCUSD seems still consolidated on trading range 27k, I tries to moving another pair

On Gold, the price daily shows two days bullish candle, and tries open buy with stop loss and target profit.