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Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun always stick to ligthing the earth and seems never tired

Back to my trading journal today,yesterday I get loss in buy gold because the gold price hit stop loss and the price down to 1928.

BTCUSD also droped low bak to 26k, oil price drop low too at 88.11.

Today not yet open new trades.

that is very nice

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Hello world, how are you today, Monday market open, traders back to the chart looking for good opportinity in forex market.

Back to my trading journal, write anything about forex trading.

No gap occurs in this morning, all pairs move in the normal. BTCUSD still traded in 26k and tends to bearish, oil price steady in the trading range 90.

gold price still below 1937 as yellow line

No trade today

Hello world, how are you today, yes I see, still like as before, the Sun back to lighting the earth.

Back to my trading journal with FXOPen.

Yesterday I visit in fxopenforum, and there are new update regarding forexcup contest 2023. The amazing profit already hit new record now the first rank making more than 2000% profit since beginning contest in January. Yes this is amazing profit, and all traders want to work like him, but in fact different had will different result despite using the same recipe.

However, we can get motivation from these moment, if we have the same opportunity to making profit 2000% in a year trading, but of course need high discipline to work.

We need a plan business for long term and having goal for that. Despite sometimes the reality is out from the plan, but plan business really help to achiece a success.

Seeing the structure, time to buy om gold.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun still back to lighting the earth and never tired illuminating the world.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

EURUSD still continue dropped in yesterday market, and draws long body bearish candle.

Meanwhile on Oil, the price also soaring and hit new record at 93.23. the BTCUSD still stuck in 26k. Gold dropped low 1876 amid USD strenthening.

FXOpen now all clients can use Tradingview charting as the platform has many trading tool used among traders.

Today bet sell in EURUSD expect the rest downtrend market gives green pips

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun already move above horizon, the sun hot today.

Back to my trtading journal to write anything about trading activity and related business.

Back to the market, open the chart, Oil price faces drop in yesterday market, the price hit low 90 after hit 93 high. Meanwhile EURUSD formed bulls candle and drew higher high after significant dropped in this week.

Yesterday I tries bet EURUSD and hit stop loss.The market is unpredicatble.

Today make a bet again in gold

Hello world, how are you today, I see the sun still lighting the earth as always.

Back to my trading journal, today is Monday market, open the MT4 chart I see Pin bar in daily candle, so because this is reversal signal, then I bet open sell with stop loss above top candle.

Meanwhile Oil price I see consolidate near middle band line, and gold continue dropped low 1946.

Hello world, how are you today, just like before, coming back to my trading journal and write anything related trading activity.

Yeterday open sell EURUSD get lucky and end with green pips, hope will repeated again today. But not yet open new order because RSI shows oversold zone level probablyh retrace or reversal.

Meanwhile Oil price yesterday also dropped low 87,60 and BTCUSD also dropped 27k level also dropped to 1822

Today not yet open new entries.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun rise above horizon around my place.

Come back again to my trading journal today.

Open MT4 terminal FXOpen today I see oil price consolidation near 88 level prices, oil decline in three days, here analyst says oil price driven by geopolitical. OPEC+ mainly Saudi and Russia want oil prices rises higher, on other side China and US gets negative impact if oil rises, so they will using their weapon to bring oil down.

BTCUSD still traded near 27k level prices, despite yesterday drew bearish candle but it is formed lower high.

Gold price consolidated in the zone 1823 as previously dropped.

I have one position floating in Gold today.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun above horizon, hot today.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen.

Oil price heavily dropping low 83 level price in yesterday market, meanwhile BTCUSD tries to bullish with slow motion rises. and Gold consolidated after dropped low near 1817.

I have floating order in gold now.

Hello world, Monday market, the Sun above horizon, and hot temperature here

Today open my chart in FXOpen MT4, I see shocking market on Gold, the price move high and opposite with my expectation, eventually my order hit stop loss as outs of my control. Hope this week the market support my trades again

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun aredy rises above horizon, yesterday’s fall the rain.

Back to my trading journal with FXOPen today.

Oil prices I see still traded near 85, there are news recently maybe impact to oil market, HAMAS attack ISrael lalst week maybe impact to the conflict in middle east.

The gold price start to rises, and BTCUSD dropped near 27k.

Today bet on gold.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun rises above the horizon, the day is beginning.

Back to my trading journal again today, write anything related to trading activity, Recent hot news still about war between Palestine and Israel, I think many people want life in peace but war sometimes happen and is inevitable because different perspective views when looking a problem.

The impact to oil price is still not yet clear but Pioneer Natural Resources CEO Scott Sheffield says oil prices could soar significantly if Iran becomes directly involved in the conflict. Yesterday even oil dropped low 81.86. However, the market may response war sooner or later.

Hello world, how are you today, too early coming here, the sun not yet visible on the sky.

Today come back again in my trading journal. I ran Ticktrader terminal today and I see gold price still moved consolidated near 1921, I have one buy position on gold, expect the price will continue rising this week. Meanwhile, the BTCUSD price still stead moved in the range 28k. There is the Bollinger band squeeze in H1 waiting for a breakout. Oil prices rose yesterday to high 86 level prices.

Hello wrold, how are you today, the Sun rise above horison lighting between trees

Back to my trading journal to write anything related forex.

War still becomes concerns in the market, yesterday oil rise high 87 amid war Hamas vs Israel, there news Iran take part in the war by call for Oil embargo for Israel.

Gold price yesterday also rise high amid the war, I have one buy order closed hit target yesterday.

Good news for FXOpen international clients, the company now offer leverage 1:1000 for Ticktrader account only.

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun rise above horizon, the bright moved between leaves.

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen today in Monday market.

Run Ticktrader desktop and MT4 today on desktop, I see oil price dropped near 87 level prices and there are small gap in M15. BTCUSD tries to rise and reach 30k and get rejection in these zone. Gold price gap drop in Monday market seen even in H1.

In the last week competition in Ticktrader challenge 2, first rank trader record profit more than 200%. but the contest still going on, and the first rank still possible changed until the contest time ended.

Last week I open buy on Gold and trapped in floating due gold price dropped and hope the gold price still continue rising amid escalation ear in Middle east.

Hello world, how are you today? Why do humans still like war despite their want for peace?

Back to my trading journal with FXOpen here. Write some words in this thread about trading activity with FXOpen.

Gold prices expected still continue to rise amid the war in the Middle East, Gold could be safe haven in global conflict because gold never ing intrinsic value.

Today I hole buy Gold in Tick trader platform.

Hello world how are you today? I see the Sun rise above horizon and stick illuminate the earth and never tired.

Back to my trading journal.

I still hold a position on gold today in the Ticktrader platform FXOpen. Today I see oil price dropped low 82.35, and BTCUSD still consolidated on the range of 34k.

Ticktrader platform also supports algo trading and traders that already have good EA for MT4 can convert to Ticktrader algo trading.

Hello world, how are you today, I see the Sun rise above horizon around my place.

Come back again to my trading journal, write small story about trading with FXOpen.

Last week is gold time, open buy on gold resulted good profit in my Ticktrader account, as before I predicted the gold would reach 2000, and eventually hit the target.

Meanwhile, BTCUSD is also in bullish tension despite still holding on the range 34k.

[i]Chart Ticktrader{/i]

Hello world, how are you today, the Sun is always bright illuminating the earth, far over there, war still make many human scared days and night.

Come back again to my trading journal with FXOpen, and write a small story about trading.

Oil price still dropped low 81.52 yesterday, meanwhile BTCUSD’s steady move in the range of 34k, the price consolidated this week, and gold dropped low in 1994.

Today no trade opened in my account.