My Week in Review

December 18 - December 23 2011

Great week! Avg % gain per trade 2.62% and total account gain this week 59.66%. Booya!

nice job. Have you factored in the spread? Live account or demo? What time period are you trading in, Asian session, London, or New York?

Hi Rj,

The spread is factored. This is a live account. Traded throughout all sessions. Smaller/scalpings during Asian and larger pip gain/losses during London. All on Fiber.

Another great week. I screwed up on the first trade. Took the trade WAY too early. Spread was 15. OUCH! 60% gain exactly this week.

Nice trades. Care to mention your strategy?

Strictly watch volume and candles. I don’t over complicate things.

And s/r. Good week so far. 2 trades up about 30 pips.