Myfxbook & MT4

I have been trying to use myfxbook with MT4, but MT4 will not connect. After much research I find that many other users have the same issue. Below is screenshot of the issue. I have used all the correct settings as per their guide, but it keeps saying login incorrect. Any ideas?

Hi nazzeem

I duno the ftp method but this is how i do it.

1 created a demo from mt4 client
2 login to myfxbook, add account using autoupdate
3 copy the Authorization password from myfxbook and update your investor password in mt4 account.
4 now update this same Authorization password in your myfxbook
5 account should be authorized successfully

Thanks. I will check this method out. I have a FXCM demo in my MT4. Will this method work with it?

Click “how to add an account” and see what you have to write in ftp server box

Hi Nazzeem,

You can add your FXCM MT4 account to your Myfxbook portfolio, but in order to do so, you must add it as a Trading Station account. (Your FXCM account login details allow you to access both MT4 and Trading Station.) The first time you add a Trading Station account to your Myfxbook portfolio, you will be given a link to install their Trading Station Publisher along with instructions on how to use it to add your FXCM account.

Make sure you check the box under Publish. Then hit the Start button. You should see a green check market appear under Status.

Thank you. This worked.

Thanks for the update, Nazzeem! I’m glad to know that worked for you. :slight_smile: