I noticed some accounts that look like they are from Dutch folks. I’d like to see if that is true. So if you are Dutch, please reply!


Hi Toekan -
Sorry not from there , but just a unique coincidence - I met a couple of Nederlanders at my local establishment here in the U.S. - - evidently they’ve been hired to work on a ‘large project’ very unrelated to forex,… but just thought it was a bit of irony. LOL

Good Luck in your search.

I came here looking for a French trading thread but found a Dutch one instead… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, well, well… I haven’t caught any dutch peeps but the thread seems to attract people that know dutch people… :smiley: :wink:

Good enough for me…:slight_smile:

Goeiedag Toekan, Ek woon in Suid Afrika en my huistaal is Afrikaans, my voorouers was van Holland en die taal wat ons hier praat is baie soos Nederlands. Ek vind dit goed om met iemand te praat met amper i soortgelyke taal! Beste wense.