!Need a chat room!

I get frustrated when i see so many forums with hundreds of people viewing them, and yet they dont have chat rooms, I am thinking of getting a chatroom going, where all forex traders can post things. I know of one or two but they are tightly monitored and people get kicked out etc…

I also think that beginners can gain from this, ask questions and can be given guidance, everyone has some knowledge on something. If someone asks a question in a Forex room, they are probably asking it for at least another 20 people…

This is just a thought, please post if you think it would be a good idea,
Might just know where to go for one easy. PS, I started out in a chat room, and I learned loads, sadly I was away from trading for a year and when i went back to it, the room was closed and i dont know where everyone went. Also its great for having forex buddies and a laugh and quiet times.

Post your thinkings people and if its the thing to do, Ill set it up.:cool:

***google : Stocks to shop and hit chat_room. ill be there with other traders as soon as they get the message.

Lets start a community

ex idea, can get one free from trading rooms . com as long as there are no fees been charged. only difficulty is time zone . uk/ europe trade best 7- 5 pm gmt. that is approx 2am usa.
wish you all the best what ever you decide.

I’ve been looking for a good chat room as well. how cool would a babypips chatroom be???