Need a good and honest dealer

hi, guys:)
i’am new to forex and i’am looking for a good dealer. I do not have much money to start with.:eek:…I have already tried a few practice accounts -FXCM,GFT,IGMarkets. Any ideas of a good and honest dealer, i intend to open a live account soon
thank you for any suggestions

For small accounts, and any other also, I’d look at Oanda. They offer good spreads, you can open positions with down to 1$, execution is very good and they’re one of the biggest brokers in the world.

Only drawback is their java-based charting. But you could use a MT4 demo and place trades with Oanda. I do that and so do many others.

I couldn’t have said it better!!

If you’re starting small go with Oanda. You can open an account with a dollar and trade pennies with them if you want to.

Hopefully you don’t want to go that low though… :wink:

im paul nice to meet you guys,
i a new forex trader learning ang hope to be sharing information with yous in the near future. :slight_smile:

Hey i’m new too but I would open a demo first before putting any money, even if it’s just 1 dollar…I’m still in the learning process and opening a real account is the last thing on my mind right now.

FX primus

Always use reputable broker or the broker you have some kind of relation with.
You cannot go wrong with Oanda,, FxPro, IG, IB or any other broker you know someone who worked or traded there.
Do not experiment with your hard earn money.
On the other note. Please do not trade with pennies.Any real trading should be scaled accordingly to the amount you can afford to lose.
Your losing trades need to cause pain and the winning ones should be rewarding enough to enforce positive habits and processes.
DO not waste time for demo.On demo you can test new instruments you never traded to get the idea of dynamics , contract size, pip/point value, trading hours etc.

My suggestion is to go with PaxForex, I believe they will reach your requirements and you can start with small amount without problem.

every time i asked for a good broker , i always recommend signalstimes. though i had been with many brokers, signalstimes is the n e i liked the most.

Its good to try them out on the demo account first. You can open as many as you want.

Probs dont give them all your phone number because they will call you constantly

PanForex looks very good! Do you know of another good broker that also allows you to trade commodities on spread bet or CFD?