Need Clarifications Please

Hello people ! a quick one: if i need at some point of time to open trades with big lots, but having risks of unavailability of free margin, is higher leverage is the solution ?

As i understand high leverage gives an opportunity of using less margin for the same lot…

Please let me know if i am mistaken.

Thanks !

its all about high leverage and high risk issue , i dont think so high leverage causes high risk , if there is any risk , it is completely with non-sense planing and zero risk management plan, nothing without it.

that is generaly correct yes. But obviously it comes with added risk towards blowing your account

The tactic we are talking about is an “agressive trading” and mostly used by extremely experienced traders in case the see their best setup. Each trader has the situation he understands the best - for example, some patterns. At this same time, such understanding should be confirmed by trading stats. In such case, experience trader could increase position size trading more agressively.
The same tactic, used by newbie trader in the sutation when he wants to earn more money right now, without any grounds in experience or statistics, will lead to the losing of all the initial deposit.