Need EA for this trading system

I need help for coding this trading system. It has been tested on live account and it is perhap the best trading system I had come across over the past two years of my trading carrier.
If the system is coded into EA or robot, it would be a big success.


Afraid I can’t help you with the EA, but the strategy looks interesting.

Trouble is, it uses some unusual indicators and the average price bars.

None of my charting packages have these on!

Anyone know where to get them for MT4?

They are:

Heiken Ashi
Smoothed Moving Average
Trader’s Dynamic Index ?!
Market Base Line ??!!



Hi, I may help you out with a ea.

Unfortunaly I’m new to this forum and can’t find the trading strategy. Could you please point out where I can read about the trading strategy?

For some reason, the link has been removed [by one of the mods?].

I will PM it to you.

I have found all the indicators needed for this strategy.

The link to the trading strategy

Thanks, I also saw a pm-post(?) I left a note for you there.
From my point of view it should be possible to make a ea out of the descriptions in the document.

I did not find any information about stop-out levels though, maybe the last fractal will do?, or if you have another suggestions please write them down.

exit can as follows:
for long (buy)
1.when RSI crosses back below the TSL-Trade signal line or
2.positive bar is much shorter than the priviou bar or change to negative or
3.when APB close inside the channel. or
4. when RSI crosses back below the upper VB (volatilite band) to the downside.

Reverse is true for short (sell).

Alternatively, you can use trailing stop loss or set take profit of 20-40pips.

I personally prefer trailing stop, we can also do some testing to see if it is more profitable to use any of those 1,2,3,4 above.

Anyway, my previous post did not regard exits, but stop-loss levels.
I e if the position goes against us, where should we cut it.