Need good Brokers urgently

Lost money how? It’s not clear from your post if you were scammed or if you simply blew the accounts and are blaming them for that.

You can go ahead with any of the regulated brokers - personally I have been using fxview and experience is good. Maybe you should first try a demo account and also backtest your strategies, only when you see consistent good results move to live is what I would suggest.

Thanks for your suggestion of cedarfx, please I need to ask few questions about this broker from you and I need honest answer.How long have you being trading with them. I use their demo platform and I find it superb. Is their real account platform like that of demo account? Also, I have hard time to credit my live account because the only accept coins, I have never has experience with coins before.Can you enlighten me on how to come about that. or how are you handling your own? Lastly, hope their withdrawal system is not complicated? please, I need urgent response to all these please. Thanks.

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Hi, sure, I have used them for 18months or so now. Yes they only accept BTC deposits, which is something I greatly prefer. I was already into crypto before hand so was no issue for me, but you need to get yourself a wallet for your BTC or other crypto. I use a Ledger, but something like Trust Wallet on your phone is fine for smaller amounts. Then buy your BTC either from an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, etc, or from and OTC desk like Instacoins (probably the simplest method as it goes straight to your wallet).
Once you have your wallet and BTC set up it’s super easy, including withdrawals. The support team is on the chat all the time too and are super helpful.

the best thing you can do is become your own brokerage firm, then you will feel good money. You can read about this here

think they are really good suppliers

I could teach you how to trade FX ,Seriously and consistently

TD365 Australian regulated but also have an off-shore facility with funds held in escrow at Barclays bank.
Very tight FIXED spreads

Oh no! Not FPA again - biggest scammers on the planet!

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@Ayobolaj Have you finalized on any broker yet? If not, then you can check out these brokers - aaafx, avatrade, xtb, all regulated with good conditions.

Do you feel that you lost that money because of the brokers specifically?

I trade with CedarFX and find them to be really reliable, they have a 0 commission account and I’ve always liked that you can open an account there with $10. Definitely helps if you’re apprehensive about depositing.

I hope you manage to find better luck!

Thanks for your kind reply, I will try to do something soon

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Here’s a thread that you may find useful - List of best regulated brokers

Thank you for the offer. When can I possibly start?

Good brokers should provide a number of high-class features in terms of fees, assets, account types, trading softwares, safety measures, educational sector, mobile experience, and so on. I would suggest choosing between the following brokers - AvaTrade, Interactive Brokers, Exness, XM, IG, PepperStone, and Saxo Bank.

Thankn you, How can I be my broker firm by myself? More elightement

I trade with forexchief, good platform, good payment system, been in the business for long and regulated. These are the few reasons why I chose them, you can check them out and see if their conditions will suit you.

Can you please let me know if you have found a suitable broker? If yes, could you please introduce it to me as well?
I have switched between 10 BROKERS so far and the current one I’m using is not bad, but I’m open to suggestions for a better option, especially one that supports MT4. Thanks!

LMAX are a good FX Platform.

Raw spreads. Firm Liquidity. No last look.

Institutional Exchange though so it isn’t the ideal platform for smaller deposits/ lower volumes.

For those however who trade larger volumes and frequently it’s worth a look.

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there’s an amusing component, really, to seeing these two brokerages recommended in adjacent posts!

the words “chalk” and “cheese” come to mind - they couldn’t be more different

it makes one very aware that not all forum “information” is equal

in the trade, experienced people regard LMAX as being absolutely as professional, reliable, honest, trustworthy and well regulated as you can get, and nobody would hesitate to recommend them

in huge contrast, aaafx is one almost anyone in the trade would warn people off as strongly as they can: it’s generally considered extremely questionable (i’m being polite, too), and it has many quite awful things about it; anyone who imagines that it’s “also regulated so that’s a cherry on top” clearly has no experience at all of dealing with either the Greek or the South African “regulators” - all i can say is “good luck if you ever have a dispute on your hands, because you’ll almost certainly need it!”

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