Need help in making an expert

Hi to all

I have been working forex for 3 years.I find a really good strategy in order to scalping but it needs an expert that unfortunately i don’t know MQL to write it.anybody can help me in this regard.

If it’s simple enough, you could try using this site to build it:

Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4

I’ve got no idea how to program, but I’ve built a few working EA’s using it. I’m a bit frustrated at it’s limitations, but it’s a start.


well, is it possible to know a little bit more about your scalping idea? maybe if people around here like it, they will be more entusiastic to help you…
BR, golem.

You could search these sites to see if someone wrote one for your idea already. I usually always find what I am looking for. You can also read over them scripts and it is easy enough to modify EA’s to your liking.

Forex TSD| Metatrader Indicators and Experts Advisors

StrategyBuilderFX MT4 Trading Platform


if you look at the picture attached you know the strategy.pls write a double order expert and send it to me.
I’ll test it and edit and send it back to you.

attached file

well, i am afraid this pic is a bit small…I cannot see it properly…
Maybe i am too newbie, but what u mean by double order?
BR, golem

You could go to this site Pipboxer. The site is run by Al Parsai. He specializes in building custom expert advisors. He will require a $99.99 deposit to get started. He built an expert advisor for me. Work very well.