Need little help

hi guys

i m really confused on forecasting the when support or resistance will be broken, wat i m actually missing or not looking at. everytime i think it is gonna up it goes further down. i at the moment trading in gbp/usd only. any advise will be thankfully appreciated.


All I can tell you is, “You and I are in the same boat”.

I have no idea either.

All is good.

wat i m guessing is that i m not able to see the trend. i m looking at the graphs but still fail to know which way possiblely the market will move any one with suggestions ?

How do you arrive at an entry decision? What time frame do you use? What do you see in the market that makes you think, “OK. I need to be long this pair.”?

Well, give this a try, stick to one time, that way at least when you look at it you will know which way the trend is on that frame. Or, you could also just use one for the trend and another for the entry. In the case of S/R I think that everyone feels the same way when you try to predict where it will go it is unpredictable. Try to think in probabilies rather than in predicting which way it will turn. Hope that helps you.

sorry i m not the superb in forex just a newbie. so how urself comes with probabilies? most i try to look at the line chart and see where is the standing position whether i should buy or sell. but afaik my decision are not so profitable now. and thanks for the advise i will try to implement that. any one else to comment i will be greatful.


oh I just mean make sure that your reward x win% is greater than ur
risk x losing %. That way ur system have an edge. so u just mechanically take trades and u have probabilities on ur side that way. best eh!

tat is my main problem my probabilities are always going in the wrong direction. i think of buy and probility of it going up and it goes down, :frowning: , any suggestions on that

well that’s up to you. You have to create a system that works, that takes time. Of course there are systems in the forum and you could always use those too. But I think that in the beginning that was the same for most of us. Anyways sorry if this didn’t help

thanks alot, i really appreciate all the help, but as i m newbie so trying to get as much info as possible.