Need some advice

Hi all,

My name is Mike and a real newbie

I have been praticing for a while and ready to take the live plunge soon. Before I commit though, I would like to ask some advice regarding brokers, platforms, and charts packages this audience consider must have should have and nice to haves.

I have been practicing on the FXSOL platform most recently. I also have had exposure to the GTF and Oanda platforms…

Although I find each platform to have advantages and or dissadvantages, including pros and cons with the charting… I suppose the more important question remains what if any platform/broker has the endorsement of this group, in terms of ease of use, customer support, relaiblilty, accuracy and of course the broker’s business ehtics…

Aslo I would like to know if this group favors a particular charting package and news feed as essential for trading.

I would appreciate any assistance anyone can provide in these areas.

Thanks in advance



I’m sure your going to get 101 repsonses to this,

But my advise is to do what you’ve done and go with the one you feel is suitable for your needs.

so if your a scalper - go with one that has quick and easy execution.

newstrader - one that fills your orders without loads of slippage …

Long term trader - if your a longer term trader i think it makes choosing a broker easier as half the problems that people go though you wont.

I personally trade with saxobank and i cant fault them.

I have never had any problems with the platform, they have great customer services. I’m not saying they would be the best for you i’d advise trying out whoever you are thinking of trading with and seeing how it suits you.

I know a few use Oanda and consider them to be good brokers.

Hey Mike
Good advice from N. I would just like to add a bit more. If your a real newbie the don’t start trading until you have at least 3 winning months in a row. And make sure you are properly caplitized. I can tell you there is nothing worst then getting stopped out because you were under caplitized and unexperienced because you did not get your 3 months first.
Just remember if you think there is going to be a big move and you don’t want to miss it. Trust me you will have another one probably in less than a month. So don’t let greed take over.