Need some advise, how to invest

Assume I have 100’000 US$, should I invest my money in one trading account or open different accounts with different brokers? Which are the pros and cons?

I’d take $10k and put it with a forex broker, trade it, see how it goes for a year. Keep the other 90k safe.

If you’ve doubled your money in a year, match the resulting 20k with another 20k from your initial capital and keep trading the same way.


dont put all eggs in one basket is a good advice :slight_smile:

very good advise and strategy but maybe I miss opportunities !

Hi Paldopaldino,
Here in the UK we are “not allowed to give advice unless we are a qualified Independent Financial Advisor” which is probably why many people join forums like this to avoid the Nanny State.

Joking aside, your question is incomplete. Nobody should advise you anything without first understanding what it is you are trying to achieve. Surprisingly, this is not as common as you think, but the logic goes like this:

1 I have an opportunity (have some money I never had before and want to invest it).
2 Next logical question is:
3 What do I want to achieve with this opportunity
4 Over what time period
5 What are my options? one of many of which is Forex and a small subset of that is
6 "one account or multiple accounts?"
You did not describe lines 1 thru 5 before you asked 6. Think about this, and if you write down the answers to 1 thru 5 you will probably not be asking line 6

Another option is “do you know how to be worth $1M within 1 year?” to which the answer is “invest $2M with a stockbroker”

clever guy !

Both of these ideas have cons and pros when investing.

I can give you some free grammar advice. If it is something that you can count (eg. a piece of, some, any, a lot of, a little, no) Then it has a “c” in it. (memory aid = “C” in count means “C” in advice)

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This wins the prize for the most useless post in terms of help to the requestor :crazy_face:

I’m not qualified to give advice to your request. When you are little you ave to try to fix what you can.

just “thank you” would have been enough

What’s that got to do with trading/investing?

it was posted on a trading/investing forum, duhhhhhh ??

Speaking of giving advice here, I will give you one. You go with demo trading on different brokers and see which one is good and which is not worth it.