Need to stop lossing

I made some pips in my 1st 2days of trading & lost all including my capital.Now,i want to introduce another capital-i do not wish to lose this-Any help please???

How long have you been trading? If you lost all of your capitol then please go back to demo trading. It sounds like you were not ready for live trading. I believe that the reason 95% of traders lose money is because they lose their capitol and invest more lose that and give up and never really learn how to trade. Don’t worry if you demo trade for 1,2 or even 3 years or more. Remember the trade of the centry comes every hour.

:)we’r in similar position. once my acc activte, i jumped trading starting with 10 and wthin half day i won 8, 10 18pips together about 90s. then i monitor the trend the greedy inside me asking 2 trade in the same day, what unlucky i never win and keep on losing til margin call just within 36 hrs. so i ned to learn how to trade well, when the right time to trade, how to read the charts and so on…please lend me your knowledge. thanks in advance

Take good note of Bazookos advice. Most people will never make it in this business. You must have done the years of work necessary to know what you are doing, then demo until you are sure you can do that and finally make the psychological transition to live trading. Failure awaits at every turn. If you are posting this then I believe you have not even scratched the surface of the work you need to do to give yourself any chance

I read somewhere that you should triple your demo account twice before ever trading live $$$. If someone doesn’t have the patience to do that than they would never make it with real money. On the other hand you don’t want to “gamble” by using extremely high leverage and guessing which way the market will go. You must have a system/method that can consistenly pull in more profits than losses. Good Luck to you!!


Keep plugging away…go back to DEMO world
for about a month unless you have money to burn…

I lost 300pips the other day Because i BROKE my own rule
of going to bed on a trade…bad move…didn’t have any stops in place
GBP/USD did it to me…which i was warned about

But to make a long story short…I have learned from this
and i think it will make me a better trader in the future…

I would trade with more NEWS instead of Indicators…i seem
to have more luck these days…

GOOD LUCK>…and remember Pipp’n ain’t easy

I suppose I would be the exception then.

3 months of demo trading to me felt like it would be a waste of my valuable time. Even if I was winning, what difference does it really make? Demo traded only long enough to feel 110% confident in my system and style before I opened my live account.

At the same time, one shouldn’t rush to go live if you honestly can’t feel that you are ready ready. There’s no need to rush it, you will just “know” you are intuitively ready to take the next step so to speak.

Maybe it’s time you take a step back and reevalute yourself first before you change up your strategy.

You just had to set yourself up for this one. If you don’t want to loss then don’t trade! Losing is the cost of business!

thanks for the words pal, since i’ve been experiencing with losing, so i ned to overthrow these loses and start trading till i win even 1 or 2 pips at a time, its a matter of x of course, what i ned to now is ‘what i need to do?:confused:, instead of practice with demo acc?’

Well first you need to see if your losses are expected. Whatever plan you devise should have expected losses. It would be unrealistic to assume your plan is perfect. So that would be step one, figure out your expected losses. The next step would be to look at yourself. Trading is all psychological. So get back to us when you figure out your expected losses of your trading plan :slight_smile:

I totally agree…your stop loss should and usually will vary from each trade you place. Basically, plan each…and every…trade. Leave no stone unturned. Every plan I devise has a planned stop if the market doesn’t go in my direction. Do this, and I’m certain you will sleep better at night.

Forget trying to go for 1-2 pips a move. If your gonna scalp, go for atleast 15-25.

The last 2 post were full of good advice. Except the last part. If your new don’t scalp at all! End of story!

Next why are you afraid of demo trading? You loss money because you were not ready, so you want to make it back as soon as possiable. But you have no idea of what to do. The oply way you can make it back is for someone to tell you what trade to make and when to get out. If you want that kind of advice then pay for someones sigals.

If you don’t want to do that then “LEARN WHAT YOU ARE DOING!” Don’t worry about missing the next big trade because it comes by at least once a week. Just save your money take a year or 2 to learn what you are doing and then enter the market with a nice amount of capitol.