Neural Network EMA system (NeuroTrend)

Nicely done with the informative post :slight_smile:

Anyways, you said you used 2-3 months of data… Have you tried training it with shorter periods of data? say weekly and what were the results? What about other timeframes?

Hope to see more quality posts from you.

Yes, initially I tried to train the network with weekly data. In my opinion, weekly data do not contain enough information for training. It also takes less time to train with small data. One major problem with small data would be that instead of learning the patterns, the network tries to memorize the given data.

Right now I am concentrating on certain time period and chart as I have been looking at them for a long time and I am comfortable with them. If you trade with other time frame and are confident of some patterns that can be identified and indicators it can be trained.


OK, working now … I didn’t realize I needed that ex4 file.
I second the suggestion to add arrows or dots above or below the signal points :slight_smile: Great work so far … I will be eager to see how this works out this upcoming week with EUR-$ in my demo account. From what I have seen of back signals, they are uncannily accurate. :cool:

well I got my chart set up and with a few color tweeks im ready to go. the template was very helpful. I reread through your thread so i feel warmed up to demo this. good luck to all this week. truthfully im very excited to try this and see how we can fine tune it and rule the world hoooooaaaaaahhhhhh!!! (insert evil laugh here)
got carried away there:) thanks, john

Happy to hear it works now. I would probably implement to show dots or arrows in this week. All the best for this week.


Hi John,

All the best for this week. I will be trading only after 5PM (Germany, GMT+1) as I have a regular job. Anyways looking forward eagerly for your experiences with the system and results.

[B]Note also that the current chart update is tickbased, so becareful and do not trade between open and close if you get a valid signal.[/B]


Did someone caught this outstanding signal???

or this misty signal

:slight_smile: Arun

hey… i am making a 5 min trending system with 4 indicator am running it for a while. i need to know how neural network if you put them as output would make it work better. let me run for a week and i will tell you the results. until now it made 17 pip for 20 july.

Hi Arun,
I’m interested in Neural Network system.
Seems your system work well.
Btw, may I know which broker do you use? Because I can’t find that pattern on 28 July .
Thx for the NN information and sharing this system

I am not clear of what you meant. Did you mean to know how to create a neural network forecast system based on the indicators your are using or do you mean to know how my system would work better with your indicators???

If you wish to know how to create a neural network out of the indicators you are using currently then you need to share your indicator setup and the patterns you usually detect. We will know if neural network performs better in detecting the patterns far ahead in time only by a good design and training. This will have its own learning curve.


Welcome onboard;) I use migfx (MIG Investments SA), a swiss based broker. Nice to know that the paterns have a distinguishable difference from broker to broker.


I’ve tried your system, I think it’s better to give the signal after the bar is closed. Just giving my opinion…

Yeah you are right its a bit confusing to watch tick based update. Thats why I mentioned in one of my post that trade entry or exit should not be done between open and close.

I have already changed this in the [B]version 2.0[/B] along with many other changes. I would upload it by end of this week.

Ah I see, I didn’t realize what you mean by that back then. Hehehe…

I have changed the tick based update of signal to only Bar based update so that there is no more confusion. Please download the updated version from the attachment in the first thread or use the link below

I will upload version 2.0 with other latest updates by end of the week. I am planning to create a document of instructions and latest updates which will be added to the zip file for the ease of newbies.

Best Wishes,

How long would a trained net with 2 months data “last” until it needs retraining? Or does it retrain itself? I’m kinda curious to as what programs you were using…

saw there was some buzz about this on forex-tsd but theres hardly any straight to the point info on how one would go about applying this to forex…

I stand in awe of your generosity in sharing all this good stuff with us :slight_smile:

Just curious … since the $-swissy moves pretty much as a mirror to the euro-$, could this script work with that one as well … I have a chart up for observation. I didn’t see anything in the code that resticts it to the euro so though I would give it a try.

This is a very good question. In my opinion it is better to train the network for every month which would make the network more robust to the latest patterns. If we train the network with data of 2-6 months I believe the network generalizes the model it has to learn. I intend to train the network for every month or two months over the generalized learnt parameters. As soon as I train, I would keep updating the latest versions. There are many free and opensource tools that one can use to train and test networks like Joone, SNNS, FANN, Simbrain. I am playing with these right now to find the best out of them.

Could you refer me to the link of forex-tsd. I would like to know how others are applying neural networks for forex trading.

Best Wishes,

I am not sure :confused:. I am not familiar with the patterns of $-swiss. If you believe they are similar, then it might work. As far as the code is concern it doesn’t restrict to a specific chart or period, but since I have trained the network with data collected from EURUSD 15min chart, I suggested to use it on this setup.

If you wish to apply it for $-swiss, I can train the network for $-swiss history data, but I can do it only for 15min chart as currently I can only output data for 15min charts with my data creator code. In return I wish you to share your experience of neural network on $-swiss.

To say frankly, I am repaying for the knowledge I acquired from this website by sharing what I know. This is [B]the[/B] best site I have ever seen for learning forex trading.

Best Wishes,

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