New & A Little Frustrated

I was introduce to forex from a friend and since than have been interested. With all the different academies and fees I wasn’t able to afford it so I would play around with demo accounts. In March I seen someone promoting their company but all you had to do was pay a 1 time fee which was $200. The promoter explained that he would teach you everything and also send you out signals for a lifetime. Lol I was sold. I joined and was taught nothing really. I mean he sent videos out for people to watch but most videos I didn’t understand being new to forex. So I basically had to search and look up things for myself and ask friends. The trades he sent out aren’t always good and I know you can’t win every trade but there should be some risk management. He would tell me and others that he doesn’t have time to teach us things and all we paid for were his signals which is what he didn’t say when he promoted.For the last few weeks all the trades we took we have lost pretty much 80%. I’m tired of loosing and not understanding completely why. So I’m taking matters into my own hands. With me researching information for forex I’ve already learned so much. So at this point I’m betting on myself. Any and everything will help me so I decided to join

Yes, I sympathise. You should be able to learn properly and proficiently on this free site.

As a bonus, this is a link to a top profitable pro trader who also sends out his OWN swing and daily trades - no cost - it’s up to you whether to replicate or not. Yes, he has his fair share of losing trades, that’s the norm. Also his site contains many free resources to help you learn. Also on YouTube live sessions.

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Thank you for sharing that valuable information! I’ll definitely check that out.