New and ready to learn

Good evening everyone !, i’m completely new to this but want to learn and be financially free . i’ve seen people do this and the outcome is amazing , i hope to be the same .

its a more appropriate place for the traders who are particularly beginners. so enjoy the environment with new level of learning.

hi and welcome , its more appropriate for you to start with psychology of the school , its most knowledgeable site from all we have in online.

i hope you will enjoy the pips school which brings all basic knowledge and experience , just dont hurry just one request.

newcomers always to try to bring profit with no learning , i request please dont do this kind of mistake , good luck to you.

Good luck. The journey of learning will be a long one so do not lose patience and keep tmaking effeorts everyday.

Hi. Welcome to the forum. It is nice to see your enthusiasm towards learning forex trading. Good luck.