New chicken in the coop

:39: someone asked me if i was serious about making [B]money[/B]. of course i said yes. they told me to come to this website & study it. i have no idea what this is all about BUT I SOON WILL!! <3

Hi Tailfeather, I am fairly new too in this forum. Half of what I see in the forum goes right on top of my head, lol. I reckon it’s pretty tough making a good consistent living by trading alone. Most accounts get wiped in the first 3 months of trading. So did mine when I first started trading with Oanda years ago. Now switched to a broker commission sharing program with FX United and have been making the promised 12% monthly on my deposit. Not too shabby for someone who failed in forex years ago. Pretty happy about it. Anyways if you wanna learn trading there are certainly plenty of good peeps in this forum to offer advice and support.
Peace out Mark

Welcome to the forum!