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Hello, I am a new Forex trader. A month ago, I started to trade using a demo account. I want to move to real money account. And want to learn about currency trading and foreign exchange. Please send me your tips, and it will be great help if you can provide me the necessary training or material that is good enough for me to study on my own advices, or any recommendations and books to read before I start. Thank you again

I don’t think you’ll get many replies but what you asking is all right in front of your nose. Start with the school [B](link above).[/B] After that most if not all of your questions can be answered by reading the forums[B] (link above)[/B] and using the [B]search button[/B] above. Here are some of the links I just found for books to read. You can search for anything you like but noone can do your homework for you. Forex will reward the person that goes above and beyond not the person that wants everything handed to them. If you have questions that you can’t find the answer for than post them in the Newbie forum since this is not really a bug or suggestion. :slight_smile:

[I]Good Luck and have fun learning!![/I]


Well it�s really good that you want to learn currency trading and foreign exchange You will need to learn things like reading Forex charts and forex chart patterns, Fibonacci studies, Forex trendline analysis and other indicators. There are many forex trading systems and techniques you should learn and understand to help you be a better and more profitable Forex trader. I like sites like forexboost, babypips, tradingmarkets and others. You will learn how to trade currency pairs for the US Dollar, Euro, Yen, British Pound and others. You can start generating an income while you learn all the tools you need to be a successful foreign currency exchange trader.

Thanks for the information. I found very useful information in the e-book �Trading Machine� by Avi Frister. Very informative and I think best for the beginners.
Thanks again.