New Forex Scam in the UK uncovered

For any impartial observers ask yourselves how and why blazerlazer magically stumbled upon this thread?
He would have had to have google it.

**But alas, no, Blazerlazer is an affiliate shill for the ProphetFX martingale scam (Prophet Enterprise Limited run by jack Harwood and Edward Elford).

Blazerlazer is part of prophetFX no matter how much he protests - he has created an account to come on here an specifically sell ProphetFX

As above, prophetfx have up to a dozen affiliate shills across forums & social media pretending they are newbies or unconnected.

Check out the reviews on Trustpilot - nearly all of them fake.
Check out the reviews on forums like blazerlazer and lachlan99 - all fake.

  • reality is these people (if they are not Edward Elford or Jack Harwood) all work for Jack Harwood who owns Prophet Enterprise.

Jack Harwood is a serial scammer - check his multiple limited companies on companies house - no money has ever passed through any of them. Hes not only a scammer hes a tax dodger.

Check out any prophetfx posts and they state they are FCA authorised & regulated - they are not.

ProphetFX are doing far from well. They are running exactly the same scam as Gurvin Singh and Celestial/Auto Forex Trading - its simply a martingale EA.
Note they all used the same excuse when the EA went bang at the turn of the year? Each of these scammers made up a nonsense excuse on the reason why.

A martingale will ALWAYS go bang.

These are the facts and you only have to google to find this out.

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How do you know I am male for a start? Am I not able to google what ever I like? I am not getting into a slanging match with you but you really need to get your facts straight before you start accusing people of things. When I google you it does make me wonder why you need to hide and not put your name out. Surely if you were all above board yourself you wouldn’t need to hide?

I feel you don’t like to see people joining a scheme and actually making some money, have you had some bad luck and a bit of jealousy is creeping in?

You can think what you like about me but you are completely wrong, I am a genuine person who has invested money and am making a small profit. I did my research before I invested and decided I would give prophet a go.

Perhaps you should try it yourself before you make all these assumptions?

I will not be commenting anymore on your posts, all I wanted to do was share my experience but if you believe me to be someone I’m not then that’s up to you.

Criminals is a strong word - you ought to be easily able to back that up.

I cant post links so will have to update this when I have enough posts - everything is already online just search.

1a) Screenshot of FrontlineFX their other portal -
ProphetFX / Prophet Enterprise Limited are not FCA authorised nor FCA regulated.

1b) Screenshot of jack or Edward on the money shed, as above they are prevalent on forums sucking people in.

  1. Screenshot of their Myfxbook - If you know anything about Myfxbook and Martingales you can see what is going on here - there are a number of discrepancies with this Myfxbook.
    This alone is a stand out piece of evidence of obtaining money via deception - this is fraud.

Note the commentary by ProphetFX as to why the martingale EA went back at the start of the year? Same excuse as Gurvin Singh and Celestial/Auto Forex Trading.

  1. Creating hundreds of fake reviews on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a scammers best friend. ProphetFX have created over 100 fake reviews.

If you are not clear with what this is, please read up on the 2006 Fraud Act in England & Wales - Section 2, 11 & 12.

Not to mention the Tax Evasion committed by Jack Harwood. Note how no money goes through any of his companies on the Companies House register?

ProphetFX run a broker affiliate scam on IC Markets.
They use a martingale EA to create sales juice for suckers to sign up.
They get $500-1000 per client sign up then commission on top per traded round lot.

Anyone in these forums supporting ProphetFX is simply part of ProphetFX or and affiliate/shill.

If this is not clear then you deserve to lose your money with a bunch of 21 year old criminals.

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Thanks for this.

Falsely claiming FCA registration or suchlike is an offence in the UK. However, I don’t see anything on the prophetfx website about the FCA, nor can I Google up anything in the News concerning the firm or the directors being prosecuted, nor can I find anything from the FCA warning people of this firm’s activities. So far, I don’t see anything on the firm’s website that shows they would need FCA registration as either brokers or investment managers.

I would never touch any strategy based on the Martingale principles, and I would (and have) advised new traders on online forums to never ever use one. But I don’t think its a criminal act to promote or sell Martingale systems.

I couldn’t trust any firm that generates fake reviews, though as I personally would never be able to verify the authenticity of an online review, I treat them all with a pinch of salt anyway.

I know nothing of any tax evasion being carried out but I think HMRC are pretty aggressive in enforcing tax payments due. If tax evasion has taken place, and there’s no evidence it has, I don’t expect it to continue long.

  1. As above frontlineFX is prophetFX and they have been stating they are FCA Authorised / Regulated in forums - all the evidence is online - search prophetFX & Scam and its on page 1 of google.

managing client funds and then taking payment/fees for managing those funds is FCA authorised/regulated activity.

  1. The FCA are absolutely useless - did you know one guy has submitted over 100 scam companies to the FCA and only 12 made it to the warning list?
    The FCA warning list is so out of date and incomplete its a joke. The FCA are farcical.

Have a look at James Watts - hes been going for over 4 years and still isn’t listed on the FCA warning list - find any scammer thats been going for years and then report back as to whether they are all in the FCA warning list.
I know what the truth is because I have started compiling a scam list on my blog.
People now have so little faith in the FCA people simply don’t report - this creates an even bigger problem.

  1. Promoting or creating documents as in the case of ProphetFX on Myfxbook is fraud.

  2. I have to keep repeating myself to people like you - this is a broker affiliate scam. They create sales juice in the form of instasham lifestyles and pretty myfxbooks - its all a scam to get you to sign up as they get $500-1000 per sign up.

  3. I doubt you have little experience in dealing with HMRC. Again, like the FCA, they are useless.
    If you look at Jack Harwoods companies no sizeable money has ever passed through any of them.

Have a look at the companies and people Jack Harwood was involved with on the money shed - he was involved with Binary options via opulence FX run by jacob Steggar/Maher - hes now part of ProphetFX.

I know you are trying to play devils advocate but your post is simply unhelpful and frankly naive - not sure why or where you are at with this after 4200 posts.

Further - you don’t have the evidence and haven’t read my blog.

There is a level of naivety on forums and over the past decade I have told people point blank with the evidence and people still believed the scammers.
I have shown evidence of scammers to people with over 20 years of retail trading experience and they still don’t “get it”.

People really need to do better in understanding and highlighting these scammers.

I have spent weeks investigating ProphetFX and you have no idea how difficult it is to get the FCA to take action.
I have a day job and I don’t get paid for doing this.
My blog intention was never to get involved in scams - it just happened. I am highlighting these scams because the FCA won’t and I want people to realise what a scamtrading retail Forex is.

I have spent 5 weeks on Prophetfx (FrontlineFX/Prophet Enterprise Limited), Ashley Richards & James Watts and Dan Legg - its clear what they are all doing. They have made hundreds of thousands of pounds out of their broker affiliate scam with IC Markets & BD Swiss.

Again, if you cannot see this lot are frauds then you deserve to lose all your money.

Sorry Tom but from past experience in how these conversations go I won’t be replying to you further - I don’t have the time.
The posts are clear and the evidence is on my blog/online for all to see.

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Well, I sympathise with your intentions.

I am also a prophet fx client, joined last July , same time I joined babypips to learn what I had joined. My friend who is a trader recommended the system/company to me. Have done very well since joining without any issues, I left a review on trust pilot linked to my Facebook but like a lot of us they all got flagged as fake . Most of what this guy is saying is wrong, this is a smear campaign from someone who knows the guys that run prophet fx, or just someone reading too much into things, I’m more than willing to provide any info / evidence about Prophet Fx and what being a client of theirs is like. The system is not a martingale one, this is just one of the issues with this guys story.
If this was a scam where are the hundreds of victims who lost all their money? I don’t see them here, just this guy and his crap website which doesn’t hold much merit.
Do your own research and don’t trust what you read online, that’s why prophet mostly get clients from personal referral .

Whoever made this is an absolute weirdo​:joy::joy::joy:

What an absolute nonsense post.
I am client since July 19, I am from Israel so no one introduced to IC markets as they do not work Israel, I found a broker myself and got connected with another 15 friends from work all together. I do not know who this crypt guy is, but you are probably some sad and jealous competitor that tries to ruin a business’s name . I can prove to anyone needed just because this business makes me a lot of money in the last year almost that my account is LIVE, and on Pepperstone with no IB relation to Prophet and I can verify the results .
Such a sad person. I wish you all the best.
Anyone that wants the real proof - I am open for messages, do not even join, just to stop this nonsense.

Mate, you are either unstable and mentally unwell or on a personal revenge crusade. The energy you are pouring in to trying to badmouth this company all over the internet is seriously disturbing, worrying and scary. Do not refer to me as a victim… Since beginning of december I made almost 40% profit… You need to stop your ■■■■.

How many of you guys will keep popping up and creating an account? You guys we get it your butthurt someone is talking about your company. You guys probably are employees or work in the same group.

You guys do know it just makes you seem and look less believable. Everyone that has come to "defend’’ this program so far have come from BRAND NEW ACCOUNTS.

If you’re making ALL THIS MONEY then why even waste time trying to argue with someone you claim is a “fraud”. The OP has at least posted his opinion with details and evidence to substantiate his claims. You guys keep saying he’s lying and you’ve made 10000% percent with no proof as well. So who are we more likely to believe the guy with detailed proof or the 10-15 who keep creating an account just to keep reviving this thread.

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Brand new account because the company thst I rely on as my exit strategy to financial freedom is being slated all over the internet with false claims and lies!! It feels like a personal attack so yes i will defend them … Also to call me a victim. I’m not a victim. I’m a client.

I hate people who lie and spread and sprout utter bullshit…

I will soon open a blog to share my stories, pictures and magick… When I do I will post it here so that you can see I am real and not scummy

Prophet fx does not deserve this and I hope they will sue the ■■■■ out of the people who are spreading lies.

actually to realize that the broker is not from the UK you can check their license information, because the scam also gets its address in the UK

Note : The OP referred to that site not even being SSL certified on Feb 23rd.

I just went to the page and saw this.

Simple ecommerce stores have SSL security. You want people to give you money but they can’t even get that down right. You want people to give their hard earned money to a 22,23 and 24 year old. Obviously they don’t even have a track record of 10 years +. This is just me taking 2 minutes of time with Google. You can keep trying to defend them but they look like any other scummy crappy forex site I’ve seen lately.

Ok I look at the 3 directors of the company this is where it gets extremely funny.

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I suggest people using this forum will come to a conclusion about this company when some hard evidence is presented one way or the other.

I do not see any proof besides talk and talk, I opened an account because I never visit those forums until I heard from one of the others guys, if you seek proof I would be more than happy to provide :slight_smile:

Until then - keep whining from the side, and how about you show some proof you were scammed besides your conspiracy. I have all the proof you want for my side tho, and I do not work for them as well, I am simply a client and it’s disgusting that when a good review comes in it’s fake and paid but when a bad one - no chance it’s some hater , gotta be real right? Jesus christ.

Whatever lies help you sleep at night. I’m sorry I learned how to trade and don’t have to pay for some “service” to earn money. Does my reply look like a whine to you? I haven’t even heard of this company until I saw the topic in the forum. I could care less if you made 10% or 2000% with prophetfx as the money is not coming into my account. Don’t get mad because they are getting called out on their ■■■■ and it’s easy to see. Again what legitimate site takes money and isn’t SSL certified? I go to any legitimate broker and see it’s certified. They’ve been around since 2017 and the directors are 22,23 and 24. Maybe you’re that gullible but most of us with working knowledge especially in the finance realm would simply laugh at this. Waiting for another account to be created to respond to this topic. It’s funny how all of guys popped up with accounts just to dispute this one topic on the internet. Talk about a needle in a haystack indeed.

Look at all the fake burner accounts hitting this thread within minutes of each other - all supporting ProphetFX by their “clients” = aka affiliates.

  • Just like their Trustpilot page - all fake.
  • Just like the activity in themoneyshed & blackhatworld - all fake.

All well engineered tag teaming each forum as they go.

If someone doesn’t believe me, look at my blog - I have just had other major UK retail forex scammers Ashley Richards (James Watts’ “Forex Trading Hub & Forex Help Trading”) featured by BBC Three programme ‘Young Welsh and Pretty Minted’ on the BBC taken offline.

I have nothing to sell, I am certainly not competing to scam people via broker affiliation with BS martingales.
People have had enough of this nonsense. Just because the UK regulators are useless, Instasham Scammers in the UK think they are untouchable - not anymore.

Link to blog is in OP.

my account isn’t new,
They don’t take anyone’s money over website or in any other way, it’s done via linked accounts on social trader tool,
So how could they be scamming people if this is true? We only pay them when they make a profit , so that means it could only be a scam if they were taking high risk trades or using a dangerous system, but then why can we provide over a year of trading history which proves it isn’t. If they loose our money from our accounts using this method they don’t get paid anymore… it’s a system that works from what I can see. Fail to see the argument, show me the victims… where are they?