New Forex Scam in the UK uncovered

Thanks for advising us.

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load of bollocks from a competitor, used them for a while and they are spot on, 100% trust

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This is a typical response from a ProphetFX affiliate - this response is a carbon response as they have posted in response to this post on other forums.

Nite lachlan99 just signed up to post this…

ProphetFX are present across forums desperate to sell your their Martingale Expert Advisor driven by Edward Elford.

There are multiple people working for ProphetFX it is a large scam operation - they want you to sign up as they get affiliate commission from broker IC Markets.

ProphetFX have been pulling in hundreds of thousands of pounds scamming people - they are masters at deception. STOP FUNDING THESE CRIMINALS.

I am not a competitor. I trade for a living. Read my website.

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How do you fake myfxbook results??

i did sign up just to post that, these guys have no acces to your money when you sign up, i have been with them since november, oviously they make a lot of money but so can their clients, i have made over 5k since being with them, they are very good at handling risk

Oldies but goodies


lachlan99 is a prophetfx shill.

Check out the money shed forum and you will see this is carbon copy of what they do across forums & social media & Trustpilot - hundreds of fake reviews created by the prophetfx team.

They are masters of deception tricking newbies into believing they are average punters - they run multiple accounts all pretending they are joe average.

Prophetfx are desperate for you to sign up with them as they earn broker affiliate commission via IC Markets.
They earn hundreds of thousands of pounds from running this scam.

You can read everything about the prophetfx (Prophet Enterprise Limited - Jack Harwood & Edward Elford) scam online.


Trust me it was obvious usually when one of these guys are getting called out a “anonymous” account just sprouts out and starts defending them. They just proved their scummy with this action.


Appreciate that.


In the case of the Myfxbook posted by Edward Elford (prophetfx / Prophet enterprise Limited)there are a number of issues with it as I have posted on my website Forexcrypt.

the equity curve is fake and any drawdowns are eaten up by over leveraging (martingale) - Edward Elford has tried to hide the data. The recent 19.4% drawdown on the account is eaten up by a martingale - martingales will always blow up and people have lost thousands with prophetfx

I have set up a martingale and shown people how easy it is to create these pretty myfxbook graphs.

You should get the mods to move this over to the Scams section. It will get better pickup on Google search.

But yea, when money is involved, criminals will go to great lengths to make a buck/keep a buck.

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biggest load of bull, their results speak far more truth than you… “forexcrypt” no name, no picture, only posted in this thread, my real name and picture are on here, the prophet team give you their real names… just look at their myfxbook and stop listening to people like this. go on about anonymous accounts all you want when the topic is created by one


lachlan99 is having a cry because he is part of the prophetfx affiliate shill network.
This page is displaying on page 1 of google when you search prophetfx and its hurting their “business” cough, scam.

The prophetfx affiliate shills are everywhere - they run dozens of accounts per person on forums & social media pretending to be new entrants to the market and making massive returns - its all lies off of martingale EA’s.

There are no results - its all martingaled fabricated nonsense. Martingales will always go bang - hence the excuse for when it did go bang at the start of the year - the same excuse was given out by gurvin singh and celestial/auto forex trading.

Its big business - they get huge commissions from the brokers like IC markets on new signup and traded round trips.

this is a bunch of 20 years old criminals that know nothing about trading. They know everything about running martingale EA’s and creating sales funnels and then pretending to be other people online.
Further you will see they lie about being FCA regulated/authorised - this is Fraud.

I keep seeing the same message content being posted by them - i know its a select circle of 20 year old scammers posing as other people.

ProphetFX are running the same scam as celestial/auto forex trading & gurvin singh.

If you look at my website I have shown why the ProphetFX myfxbook is a scam - its a martingale with faked results.

Do not give your money to these criminals.

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kicking off here between 2 new accounts…

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Can I just say we have been with prophet for about 6 months and have had no problem and will continue with them. I think someone has a massive problem with them doing well. I have been named as being affiliated with them on another website. This is completely untrue and if I could answer on said forum I would. I will not be accused of something that I am not. Do not listen to all the bad, make your own decisions and if you feel like giving them a go do it, you can always get your money back out.

Are you the same guy on forex crypt? If so I am appalled that you have named me as being an affiliate. I am not. I am a genuine investor. Speaking on how I have found my experience with them. I have had no trouble with them and have seen my investment grow. Next time I suggest you get your facts right before you start accusing people. There are genuine people out there who are allowed to have their say on their experience, not everyone is underhand.

For any impartial observers ask yourselves how and why blazerlazer magically stumbled upon this thread?
He would have had to have google it.

**But alas, no, Blazerlazer is an affiliate shill for the ProphetFX martingale scam (Prophet Enterprise Limited run by jack Harwood and Edward Elford).

Blazerlazer is part of prophetFX no matter how much he protests - he has created an account to come on here an specifically sell ProphetFX

As above, prophetfx have up to a dozen affiliate shills across forums & social media pretending they are newbies or unconnected.

Check out the reviews on Trustpilot - nearly all of them fake.
Check out the reviews on forums like blazerlazer and lachlan99 - all fake.

  • reality is these people (if they are not Edward Elford or Jack Harwood) all work for Jack Harwood who owns Prophet Enterprise.

Jack Harwood is a serial scammer - check his multiple limited companies on companies house - no money has ever passed through any of them. Hes not only a scammer hes a tax dodger.

Check out any prophetfx posts and they state they are FCA authorised & regulated - they are not.

ProphetFX are doing far from well. They are running exactly the same scam as Gurvin Singh and Celestial/Auto Forex Trading - its simply a martingale EA.
Note they all used the same excuse when the EA went bang at the turn of the year? Each of these scammers made up a nonsense excuse on the reason why.

A martingale will ALWAYS go bang.

These are the facts and you only have to google to find this out.

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How do you know I am male for a start? Am I not able to google what ever I like? I am not getting into a slanging match with you but you really need to get your facts straight before you start accusing people of things. When I google you it does make me wonder why you need to hide and not put your name out. Surely if you were all above board yourself you wouldn’t need to hide?

I feel you don’t like to see people joining a scheme and actually making some money, have you had some bad luck and a bit of jealousy is creeping in?

You can think what you like about me but you are completely wrong, I am a genuine person who has invested money and am making a small profit. I did my research before I invested and decided I would give prophet a go.

Perhaps you should try it yourself before you make all these assumptions?

I will not be commenting anymore on your posts, all I wanted to do was share my experience but if you believe me to be someone I’m not then that’s up to you.

Criminals is a strong word - you ought to be easily able to back that up.

I cant post links so will have to update this when I have enough posts - everything is already online just search.

1a) Screenshot of FrontlineFX their other portal -
ProphetFX / Prophet Enterprise Limited are not FCA authorised nor FCA regulated.

1b) Screenshot of jack or Edward on the money shed, as above they are prevalent on forums sucking people in.

  1. Screenshot of their Myfxbook - If you know anything about Myfxbook and Martingales you can see what is going on here - there are a number of discrepancies with this Myfxbook.
    This alone is a stand out piece of evidence of obtaining money via deception - this is fraud.

Note the commentary by ProphetFX as to why the martingale EA went back at the start of the year? Same excuse as Gurvin Singh and Celestial/Auto Forex Trading.

  1. Creating hundreds of fake reviews on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is a scammers best friend. ProphetFX have created over 100 fake reviews.

If you are not clear with what this is, please read up on the 2006 Fraud Act in England & Wales - Section 2, 11 & 12.

Not to mention the Tax Evasion committed by Jack Harwood. Note how no money goes through any of his companies on the Companies House register?

ProphetFX run a broker affiliate scam on IC Markets.
They use a martingale EA to create sales juice for suckers to sign up.
They get $500-1000 per client sign up then commission on top per traded round lot.

Anyone in these forums supporting ProphetFX is simply part of ProphetFX or and affiliate/shill.

If this is not clear then you deserve to lose your money with a bunch of 21 year old criminals.

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