New Forex Scam in the UK uncovered

This is empirical evidence.

It cannot be contested / argued with.

It is irrefutable evidence that proves ProphetFX / TradehuntFX / FrontlineFX is a major UK retail forex trading scam ring.

  1. ProphetFX is Prophet Enterprise Limited listed as Lincoln/Sleaford, Lincolnshire UK
    [HARWOOD, Jack Alexander]
    [ELFORD, Edward]
    [O’BRIEN, Connor Patrick]

  2. TradehuntFX is B & D ENTERPRISES Limited (formerly TradehuntFX Limited) – listed as Harrow/Ruislip, London UK
    [MARCYNIUK, David Meron]
    [NEWTON, Ben Walter]

  3. FrontlineFX is FrontlineFX Limited listed in Spilsby, Lincolnshire UK
    [HALL, Jack]
    [WILSON, Luke Robert]

Others mentioned as part of the scam ring;

  • Jacob Steggar / Jacob Thomas Maher
  • Nick Bull
  • Reece Harley
  • Ben Southall
  • David of TradehuntFX (don’t have a last name)
  • Gary of TradehuntFX (don’t have a last name)

I also have backers and other associated people of ProphetFX / TradehuntFX / FrontlineFX that I will publish if I need to.

The best part?

The head of the scam ring - Jack Alexander Harwood’s dad is a former London Metropolitan Police Detective and I notified him about this - he totally ignored me.

Not anymore.


Dude you did a better investigation then what I see on these damn cop shows. I mean this is really detailed from start to finish and like you said no way your going to argue cold hard facts. This is some private investigator level stuff here with the attention to details. What’s funny is I initially saw your reddit a month back them.


Is the same James watts not the one behind theforexhub? Is he not a real scam?

James Watts & his sham company “The Forex Hub” are a completely different topic and unrelated to this thread.

He is not the James above in this ProphetFX thread.

Please do not confuse the two and keep them totally separate.

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Dan Legg is a scam and so is James Watts.

Both have the accountancy firm: HJS Accountants, 12-14 Carlton Pl, Southampton SO15 2EA who are happy to deal with these guys?

Flaunting a lifestyle unachievable…

Be aware: Dan Legg is how scamming people via telegram for sports bets charging people a subscription of £500 for so called rigged sports bets. I have seen and reported this on Facebook with fake fb accounts saying they have won regularly but are in fact controlled by the scammers. It’s to create an illusion to new sign ups that it’s legit. Which I’m sure is all a criminal offence. Search @leggdan or sports bets in telegram…

2021 Update - ProphetFX re-branded to Motion Capital mid-2020, see MOTION CAPITAL LTD - Overview (free company information from Companies House)

  • They have been stuck in over 40% drawdown since October 2020, see Edward Forex Trading System by Forex Trader Edward4x
  • By November 2020 they had 4x NZDUSD sell trades open
  • On 25th Feb 2021 they tried to hedge their sell trades on NZDUSD by placing a 4x lot sized buy trade at the exact point that NZDUSD was overbought - they perfected selling low and buying high. As of this post these trades are still running and the swap fees continue to pile up.
  • A few of their inner circle members and associates left in late 2019/early 2020 due to these trades, clients started dropping out over the course of the last 10 months but many are still in
  • In the last week they have margin called some of their remaining clients accounts by placing 16 USDCAD sell trades with incrementally increased lot sizes.
  • Edward Elford and Jack Harwood have disappeared, Jack has supposedly left Lincoln UK where their offices were based, leaving Nick Bull and Josh Fry to continue appeasing the remaining clients.

Some other useful links:

It’s likely that this whole operation will shut down soon and nothing will happen to Jack and Edward, but I feel it’s important to highlight their extreme incompetence to anyone who may be associated with them or anyone who finds their financial services in the future.

I have noted the names of the agencies and people who you all have mentioned here. I will keep them in mind and will make sure that I never fall for scams that will try to lure me with fake promises.

How can I get in touch with you forexcrypt?

Update: The main account for Prophetfx / Motion Capital finally blew up.

Edward James Elford / Jack Alexander Harwood deleted the myfxbook account shortly after.

Attached is the last time it was archived, 66% drawdown.

Here is the archived pages of the myfxbook before it was deleted.*

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