New Forex Trader? I have a message for you!

Thank you for your advice.

Very nice and useful article Ahmed… Thank you very much for sharing your ideas

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Thanks for the advice. Great article!

Totally agree with Ahmed!

My 10 cent of advice for new trader, if you you to speed up your success in trading, please find a coach or mentor! But bare in mind there’s no shortcut to success. Road to success in trading can be a bit lonely process. So its would be a great help if you have someone to share you trading ideas with. Goodluck!

Thank you very much for a great advices.

Many thanks for your detailed personal experience in trading. This will give me immense guide as a new trader. I hope to contact you for further assistance.


Fxmall , your right on point.

Yeah, great advice all, oldie but goodie.

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great post, very usefull for all new comers

Very useful tip, for newbie before imagine easy earning through forex ,they need keep practice in demo account which this is very important as early preparation, and if already confident jump to real account trader they can investing money that afford to lose first before imagine about profit

To reiterate Ahmed’s words…practice demo, not to just understand trading, but to experience news releases, sentiment and how one silly analyst can say “I see no inflation in the near future”, and to see your pair 200 pips against you in the blink of 2 eyes…this is real. Thank you Ahmed.

Na zdrowie,

Thanks Topchess,

Your thread is really helping especially for a newbie like me :stuck_out_tongue:

no matter what your strategy is, remember two things, ALWAYS

  1. buy near support, sell near resistance.
  2. play small. play small. play small.

the main problem of retail traders is, they risk the money where they will getting fired easily if were working in a bank. trust me, we were working there before. and our daily risk is 0.2% only :slight_smile:

thats why, its important to have adequate capital to trade.

It is quite useful as you have shared your experience and knowledge and all the newbies can learn with your experience and knowledge, quite useful tips you have shared and all the beginners should follow in order to get fruitful result.

Hi Ahmed, I got same experience too, then i came back.

One thing that i didn’t know is the putting up high leverage in broker. That was really useful.

i think everything trading journey should start from meditation:) Just my opinion