New Life and Passion?

Hey guys this is user toaahr! I am new here and new to forex. My husband introduced me to it and knowing me, I got curious and started dabbling a bit. I am in the US and am currently in nursing school but honestly I am just not vibing it. My passion is with math and computers and hope that I can learn forex trading so it can be my career and passion for life! I don’t want to be rich, I just want a comfortable life. And more than anything, I would love to buy a house for my dad because he has spent every minute of his life providing for me and that is just a small thing I can do to pay him back for all that he has done for me. Also, my husband has a lot of kids and it is very expensive lol. I hope to one day be able to afford taking them all out on a nice summer vacation and to an amusement park because they have never been!!

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Candice B she’s the right person to put you on track. As well as Baby pips courses on this site.

Hey! Welcome to this world of trading and I must say, you are trading for all the right reasons. Just an advice- try demo account first, to get the hang of how things actually work and once ready, then shift to the live account. Hope you make big!

You have a great mindset and I am sure that it will take you to your destination. Start with obtaining the basic forex education to become capable of understanding the functioning of the market. When you know what is happening in the market, you can prevent losses.

I really appreciate your enthusiasm. You will surely succeed but do start trading with a demo account and trade on it for as long as possible.