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Hi ALL members, very excited to know this site.
I’m new to forex, hope to learn from here and get assist from member mentors.

Here we go look. This is a classic example of what i was saying on this thread an hour ago 301 Moved Permanently

So this character joins up, contributes to the introduce section yet registers a zero post count!
We know what’s going to happen next don’t we…in a few days time along will trot the muppetmeister Mr Branco & flood the forum with his comical mentorship marketing nonsense.

This character even invites it lol

Hey richardkwokky, where have you joined up to Babypips from?
Where exactly did you recieve the prompt to log into the introduce yourself section & post this comment rather than explore the site, identify a likeminded thread in newbie island & contribute to an existing educational thread?

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speed I feel you man, but in the scope of things you really do need people like David. I Consider it a immunization shot, when I first joined this site I really did think David was a legit guy trying to help out others, hell I thought he was part of the babypip team like a gatekeeper or forum mod. It took me a while (probably because I’m new) to start noticing the red flags. I have nothing against David personally because I don’t know him as a person. I am simply glad to have recognized his true intentions. And I hope that others will come to the same conclusion thru their own observations.

His supply of plant fertilizer simply exists because there is a demand for it.