New member

Hey Guys,

Just became a new member. You have a great site. I’m soooo glad I found you. I’ve learned more on your site than anywhere. I’m looking forward to all the benefits this site has to offer. Maybe I can learn something and make money for a change.


Welcome aboard Pipzone. Check out the blogs which are like your own personal mentor in my opinion :slight_smile: . Be sure to finish the school though or you could be confused on some of the things that come up!


Thank you. I went to school the other day, but will be attending again…and again.

I should hit the school again because some things have changed in the year or so since I have taken it and you can’t beat FREE. Wow time flies when your having fun :slight_smile:

Also a new member, gotta give “props” this is the best site of good solid beginer information i have found yet and iv been researching and studing hard. one step in the right direction w/ babypips. :cool: