New strategy winning thread

Aud chf buy
Eur chf buy
Gbp chf buy

Aud cad buy

Buy usd cad

Usd cad tp 1.37099
Hoping to get 133 pips

SEll Bitcoin cash

Gbp jpy buy stop 174.239

AUd jpy buy tp 91.904

Sell bitcoin cash
And bitcoin sell stop at 26986.35

Aud jpy sell
Nzd usd sell

Gold sell should go down

Nzd chf sell tp 0.54624

Usd jpy sell

NZD jpy sell

Today looks like a profitable day
Usd jpy coming down nice
Sell Eur Nzd also

Usd jpy sell tp 137.566 aim 193 pips
Eur Nzd sell tp 1.75340 aim 66 pips

usd chf buy tp 0.91716

Sell Nzd chf

Profit day yesterday

Aud cad sell
Usd jpy buy
Eur chf buy

Already in profit Aud cad tp 0.88160 usd jpy tp 140.959 Eur chf tp 0.97277

New tp for Eur chf 1.24043 and another Gbp usd sell tp 1.24043

Sell gold tp 1937.33 sl 1944.83