New to Baby Pips. Keen to learn and provide 2nd income stream

Hi. I’m Hayley. I’m from Western Australia. I’m a single mother of 4 and a successful real estate agent and athletics coach. I stumbled across Baby Pips from doing review checks on another company, which wasn’t very well regarded. Quite a few reviews on this other company mentioned Baby Pips as the best site to learn Forex and a great community support. So here I am. I am a home owner and want to learn more about Forex hopefully providing another income stream.

Hi. FX trading is highly speculative and doesn’t offer an income stream ever, as there are no guarantees you’ll make money.

Learn HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY FIRST. Protect your capital at all times. Keep risk low, don’t overtrade, revenge trade or gamble.

Prepare yourself for months of hard work to learn the basics proficiently. Best of luck.

Yeah, you can trade in the forex market even as a part-timer.

You can learn forex from the educational section of babypips.