New to babypips - what does it means...?

Hi all, just signed in.
I had follow some babypips and succeed, but always uptrends.

What does it means stop on a higher price than pt1 and pt2? I mean the stop is higher than the price started and pt1 and pt2.

Hope someone can understand my english…

welcome here and hope you will enjoy and contribute to the forum but don�t know what you�re talking about otherwise i�d love to help you.

have a good one and you will always find answers to your questions here :wink:

I get into a blog and it says
Short USD/CHF at 1.2270, stop at 1.2310, pt1 at 1.2250, pt2 at 1.2235

So if you start at 1.2270 why you stop at 1.2310 (higher) why the pt1 and pt2 are lower that the start?

I used trades that the stop is lower than the start and pt1, pt2 higher.


We are shorting USD/CHF, which means if it goes down we make pips, and if it goes up our trade loses pips. That is the reason the stop is above the entry order and the profit targets are below the entry order. Does this make sense?

Apreciate a lot the explanation! but it goes farder of my knowledge… I�m very new on forex and had always won selling higher pips. It doesn�t fit on my sense how to won pips if the price goes down of the one you buy.

Thanks a lot anyway!